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Behind Friends is a brand new gay porn site coming to us from the Czech Republic. They feature hot European guys, both straight and gay, in solo jerk off, blowjobs, anal sex and group sex action. And they offer members Full HD and 4K videos and add a new scene every week. This site looks slick and well designed, so let's jump inside and see what they have to offer.

All of the guys here are Czech except one German, a Ukranian, a Slovak and one from far off Colombia, South America. There's quite a range of types from Dirty Angel and Tim Law, who are nearly twinks with slim and smooth bodies, to Max Born and Thomas Friedl, who are muscle hunks in their early thirties. Between these, you'll find performers in their twenties with fit and athletic bodies, some a little more defined than others and usually good looking. Some of the guys have beards, others have a bit of hair on their chests, but most of the guys are clean shaven and smooth. And of course it goes without saying that you'll find lots of uncut dick here.

Most of the guys are fairly well-known performers like Max Born, Thomas Fiats, Tomas Salek, Tim Law, Thomas Friedl, Peter Lipnik, Bastian Karim, Andy West, Boris Lang, David Kadera, Jeffrey Lloyd and Nick Vargas, although they may use other names elsewhere. There are also a few unknown guys who perform under single names. One final note about the cast; there is one woman on the site. Angel Wicks is a blonde Czech female who plays a cop, and she ends up fucking a restroom masturbator with her nightstick and a dildo.

So what about the rest of the action? There are nine solo jack-off scenes; most of the rest are duo action with lots of sucking and fucking, and I saw two threeways, as well. If the actors speak English, there's often a bit of a storyline with dialogue in English like a gay guy getting handcuffed by a hunky security guard in a nightclub and hauled off to a private room where he's roughed up and fucked. Another sees a muscular blond visiting his doctor with complaints of a sore stomach, and the cure for that is a stiff dick up his ass after a thorough exam, of course. When the guys don't speak English there may still be a story line like the guy taking a swimming lesson from a muscled hunk, but music covers any dialogue.

Not every video has fucking - some of the videos are handjob or blowjob only, and the site calls solo masturbation scenes "handjob". Nine of the movies have the guys fucking bareback and the tenth one has Angel Wicks fucking Nick Vargas with her nightstick and dildo. One final note; there is one other scene featuring Angel that features her son sneaking into her bedroom and getting it on with her boyfriend while she sleeps beside them. It's quite implausible as they get the bed rocking with their fucking and even cum rather noisily, but this finally wakes her and she yells at them. Too funny.

There are 25 exclusive videos in MP4 format the Behind Friends member area. They're offered for download in four sizes: 840x480, 1280x720, 1920x1080 and at 4K at 3840x2160. They're good quality productions, quite well done and most have story lines with English dialogue. The videos download pretty quickly, and the smaller ones are compatible with most mobiles, however my high-speed connection and my editor's were unable to download the largest size vids, which are - btw - over six to over 11 gigs each, but I don't think that's the problem. You can also stream the videos at four quality levels, although each plays at 1200x678. You can also them in full-screen mode as well, although the highest speeds fare best.

Worth noting is that each video comes with a long description that is actually more like a short story that takes us through the initial moments that led to these guys tearing off their clothes. While these are true to what happens in the scene, they're more like fiction reading than a mere description of what happens. They're a nice touch.

Each episode includes a gallery of ten pictures, and these are good quality; they're probably digital stills but could possibly be screencaps. They're quite large at 5760x36840, but will resize to fit your browser window or you can save them individually. Each set is available under Albums with more pics per set - mostly 20 to over 30 pics each, but one has 10 and another has 32. Some of these are the same photos shown on the video pages but with more pics per set.

New sites are never perfect, so are there any problems here? Behind Friends is in pretty good shape. My editor and I were unable to download the largest (4k) videos, however the other three versions gave me no problems including the 1920x1080, which is quite large. Also I ran into some glitches with the picture viewer in the Album section; it didn't always show an enlarged picture when I clicked a thumbnail. But I've reported both of these problems to the site, and they're working on it.

There are a couple more things I wanted to mention. First, the dates on the updates here are given as "4 days ago" or "2 weeks ago", and once you get past that one month mark, this kind of dating isn't very specific - I've seen other sites that use it, and three to four videos added once a week might all show as "1 month ago", so there's no way to tell how regular the updates are. One picky thing that I didn't particularly like is that the episodes don't include the actors' names, although there is a clickable picture at the bottom of the scene that takes you to their profile page and they are named there.

My last comment is around the site's theme. What does Behind Friends mean? It's a phrase in English that doesn't mean anything. The producer's are Czech, and the site's rep - who is American - says that "the idea was to make the site and content with interaction from the members".

I was pretty impressed with Behind Friends. The site features many well-known Czech performers, and the producers really go the extra mile in creating exciting scenarios, and many of the scenes have English dialogue, which isn't usual for Eastern European videos. The movies themselves are offered in four qualities including a smaller size for newer mobiles, and visual quality and production values are quite good. Behind Friends now has 25 videos, and is updating every week. If you're looking for high quality gay porn and uncut cocks, this is one to check out.

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