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Beefy isn't a new site, it's been around for a little while, but GayDemon hasn't reviewed it before now. The tour says, "Beefy muscle gays doing hardcore anal sex." Checking out the previews there certainly a lot of guys with athletic and muscular bodies, and it looks like mostly outdoor sex, so let's head inside and check this one out.

The guys on Beefy are mostly Brazilian guys ranging in their twenties. These Brazilian men are largely in pretty good shape ranging from slender and athletic bodies to sexy, gym-muscled bodies. But I'm not sure most of them are living up to the "beefy" moniker on the site. Don't get me wrong, I liked a lot of the guys, and I love Latino and Brazilian hunks and their uncut dicks, but when I think of "beefy," I think of men who are built like tanks, and very few were. Nevertheless, if you like ripped abs, chiseled pecs, rolling shoulders, and firm biceps, you'll like these guys. Keep in mind, however, that a lot of the guys here have average, fit bodies.

There's a lot of outdoor sex on Beefy, and there's usually a little bit of a scenario to get the guys into the sex. Nothing complicated; just things like a couple of mechanics working on a truck and one grabs the other's ass or a military sergeant comes across a soldier taking a break in the woods and he starts ordering him around. The problem here is that the dialogue is all in Portuguese (the language of Brazil) and there are no subtitles. Still, the stories aren't so complicated that you can't figure out what's going on.

The outdoor sex is hot, with guys sucking dicks, rimming, fucking ass, and blowing their creamy loads in the open air. And if you know anything about Brazilian men, they're often packing some of the biggest, fattest dicks in the world and they're usually uncut, which is a big plus for foreskin fans. I didn't watch all of the videos, but the half dozen I checked out all featured bareback fucking.

There are 75 videos on Beefy and you have two options to enjoy them. Each video can be downloaded in WMV format and they play anywhere from 640x360 to 720x480. You can also stream the videos on the site in low- and high-bandwidth versions playing at 460x300 to 720x470. Mostly the quality is pretty good, but a few of the videos lacked clear picture quality. The sound is good so you can enjoy these guys grunting and groaning, and even though I don't understand Portuguese, I found it pretty hot listening to guys talking dirty in another language.

Each episode comes with a picture gallery of anywhere from 50 to a couple hundred digital stills, but some feature as many as 300 to 600 pictures. However these galleries have heaps of similarly-posed shots. There are no slideshows or zip files, but you can save pictures you want individually.

Beefy has not added any videos in the past 4 months, so it does not appear that this site will be adding any more new content.

Does the site have issues? Well, trial members get limited access to the site, although the terms aren't specific about the limitations. Also trial memberships rebill at $10 more per month than the cost of a regular recurring monthly membership. As mentioned, there have been no recent updates. The site's tour says "we film these ourselves" but some of the videos are watermarked with "Beefy" and others "Raw Papi," and these latter seem to have been imported from Raw Papi to pad the offering on Beefy. I enjoyed them, but if you've been a member of Raw Papi you will have seen these videos already.

I love Brazilian men and uncut cocks, so I'm a bit partial. I really got off watching guys sucking and fucking in the woods, on the beach, and just about anywhere you could think of that doesn't have a roof over there heads. It was refreshing from the guys fucking on a bed or couch scenario. I was a little disappointed that the guys weren't more hunky and beefy like I was expecting, but again, Brazilian guys and foreskin are one of my big turn-ons so I wasn't complaining much. While the site no longer updates, with 75 videos to watch and enjoy at Beefy, there's enough for members to enjoy here.

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