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Beasts With Boys brings you jocks and surfers between the age of 18 and 24 hooking up with daddies and having fun together. The younger guys are athletic jocks, and the older men (described on the site as "dirty old men") are from their mid 30s onward into their 60s with different hair styles and body types. The boys tend to be mostly fit, tight Australians, many with six-pack abs. There's some variety of types; you're going to see a mix of hairy and shaven bodies, hair colors, and you'll find both cut and uncut cocks. Some of the older men are also in decent shape, but others have bellies. They are predominantly unshaven, so expect hairy chests and unshaven pubes.

The action and locations vary. Some scenes show guys getting their cocks sucked through gloryholes, other scenes feature blowjobs, threesomes, masturbation, and well-built jocks simply showing off their fit bodies. There is even the odd interracial scene thrown in there. You're going to see guys fuck and suck each other off without condoms, and each scene ends with a cumshot. Some scenes are in basements or living rooms, others happen outdoors by the beach and other natural areas, not to mention those gloryhole scenes, which aren't in public restrooms; they're in studios or private homes.

The Beasts With Boys member area lists 381 full length scenes which play around 20-25 minutes each, but note that about 50 of the videos are pulling 404 errors, so you might have trouble accessing some of them.

The newer and older videos here are very different in size. The newer videos are downloadable in WMV format and are sized at 720x576 at good quality, but the older vids are sized at only 320x240 at good amateur quality, but they are too small to enlarge to full screen well. Also some of the videos are only available in short clips, while some are full scenes. Some of the videos are also available to stream in a player, but a number of the streaming videos are actually the downloadable versions, some in MPG format, some in QuickTime format, and some are missing altogether.

While Beasts With Boys lists over 140 photo sets, all the newer ones are missing. The older galleries are working, however, and they show not only the pictures but also the profile of the model for each set. The pics themselves are good amateur quality digital stills sized at between 525x700 and 750x1000, and while there are no downloadable zip files, you can save individual pictures. I was unable to get the slideshows to work.

The biggest issue I had with this site is the fact that some of the videos and many picture sets are missing. Equally concerning is that the site lacks dates on the content or an update schedule, so there's no way to know whether the site still updates or when. The "HD" videos aren't offered at the sizes claims; in fact, they were good-sized but not shown in HD at all. An oddity I ran into is that although you can sign up for a monthly membership, the quarterly membership isn't working. And that leads me to the biggest problem, which is that site management isn't checking these things. Last, the pages are very long with hundreds of videos or picture sets listed and that makes for a lot of scrolling.

Beasts With Boys is all about tanned, toned Aussie jocks getting serviced by daddies in their late thirties through their sixties. While the site lists 381 videos, and they are downloadable and in some cases available to stream, around 50 or so of the videos are missing, as are about half the 144 photo sets. And the oldest videos are small, although decent quality. While I did enjoy the videos and the guys, the missing videos and especially the many missing photo sets was a disappointment, and lowered the quality of the overall experience at this site.

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