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Barebum Mountain focuses on cowboys and horny men who can pass for cowboys. Their tour shows porn star Will West looking very masculine in a cowboy hat - I spotted some pics of other porn stars as well - and the site promises outdoor adventures, lonely cowboys and "Barnyard blowjobs." In the member's area I didn't find those porn stars, but I did find horny guys often wearing cowboy hats (a couple even wear chaps), and one hottie looked as natural and sexy in his cowboy attire as any Marlboro man I've seen, although a bit scruffier. The models are a mix of average to good-looking guys, some a lot more Western in flavor than others, and I did spot a few big cocks.

The videos are from DVDs with titles like "Big Balls in Cowtown", "Rump Riders" and "Asphalt Cowboy" so the site owners made some effort to find videos appropriate for the site. Expect a mix of sucking and fucking (sometimes while wearing cowboy hats), and one horny bottom boy gets ridden hard while his chaps are still on. These videos don't really evoke the wild west for me, but maybe today's modern cowboys as they suck dick, do some anal and get off with a pardner.

Barebum Mountain hearkens back to the mid-2000s when Brokeback Mountain was released to acclaim and lots of publicity and most browsers were still only 800 pixels wide. Cowboys have always been a staple of gay porn, but in 2005 and 2006 companies rushed to get more western-themed porn sites up; this site made its first appearance in 2006, and hasn't changed much since then. There are 26 videos, and the site doesn't update - luckily there's plenty of bonus material, but now let's take a look at the videos.

The videos here are available in several sizes of MP4, the largest shown at 640x480 at average quality, and the smallest perfect for older cell phones with smaller screens. All the videos here should play on most modern mobiles including iPhone, iPad and most Android devices. The videos are downloadable, but there's also streaming MP4s if you prefer, although they are shown at a larger size and are lower quality than the downloadable videos; be sure to watch the HQ quality if you stream.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps. These are sized at around 712x474, and quality is low average for screencaps but would be poor quality if these were digital stills. The pics are shown in a strip above the video player, and there are no features like downloadable zip files or slideshows.

When it comes to extras, there's a whole lot of videos to watch in a wide variety of gay niches - there are over 4600 videos from DVDs, and niches include bareback, ass fingering, college, daddies, face sitting, amateur and gangbang, and there are lots more. While there are Bonus Sites, Channels and DVDs sections, all these sections use the same videos as the Videos section. At the top of every page you will find some links including Mature Women and Tranny, and these are additional mostly straight porn networks you also get access to.

Let's recap the issues and discuss a few new ones. First, while there's a lot of bonus material, the site is small and hasn't updated in years. Next, there's a pre-checked offer on the join page that - if left checked - will sign you up for a second site membership when you join this one. Don't worry, though - it's easy to opt out of it. Trial memberships rebill at $15 more than the recurring price of a regular monthly membership, and trial members may get limited access. There's a pop-under when you log into the member area, and last there are some iffy tour claims plus the porn stars on the tour don't actually appear in the site.

Barebum Mountain offers horny guys dressed as cowboys in hats and sometimes chaps as they get it on with a pardner or two, sucking and fucking and shooting their loads. The site offers 26 videos in standard def that are DRM-free, taken from DVDs and can be downloaded and streamed. Each comes with a set of screencaps to help preview the action, but I found it just as easy to start the streaming video and fast forward, then download the vids that got my attention. The site doesn't update, but members do get access to tons of non-cowboy porn videos. I didn't find the videos to be all that cowboy oriented - don't expect horses, outlaws, or old west saloons. Still, they can be fun and sexy. I'm not exactly sure who will find Barebum Mountain to their taste, but if you don't mind average-quality videos, the thousands of bonus videos could make this site worth joining, and you can also enjoy guys sucking and fucking while wearing cowboy hats.

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