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For BF you can read "amateur" and that's what you've got at Bareback BF Videos: a bunch of amateur and amateur-style videos where the guys go bareback. I found a heap of amateurs from EMOs and smooth twinks to fit gym-guys, hairy men, and more. These seem to be the kinds of guys who like to post their own pics and vids online, ordinary Mr. Average guys who are exhibitionists at heart, others did a single porn video just to see what it was like, and still others are porn semi-pros; that means there is a nice diversity of guys to check out. There are white, black, and Latino guys in the mix and it looks like the site favors the 18- to 30-something age range, but with a few older bears popping up from time to time.

We're looking at bareback action here and the scenes I saw all had some element of that. Remember, these are often amateur productions so they don't always capture the action close up and from different angles as you'd find in studio bareback scenes. There's other stuff going on around the bareback fuck moments, too; sometimes that's simply a couple of cam guys tapping on their computer keyboard for several minutes; some of these are recordings of guys going cam-to-cam. There are some guys giving each other blowjobs before or after the anal, and there are the occasional threesome, too. It looks like the rule of thumb is that as long as there's at least a few minutes of barebacking, then it's in.

There are 312 movies at Bareback BF Videos with runtimes ranging from five to 50 minutes. Movies are MP4s streaming at 640x360 and with one MP4 download option where resolutions can be any size from 320x240 to 640x480. I didn't see anything HD here, and the movies are mixed quality to say the least. Some are dark, almost grainy video shoots done in dim lighting; others, though purporting to be amateur movies, are amateur guys from DVDs. None are exclusive as far as I know, and some are even watermarked with the names of other sites. However, you can download all of them and there are no DRM restrictions.

Now let's talk about updates. While updates are irregular, they're pretty generous. This month there have been 10 updates added and there are a few days left to the month; that being said, sometimes there's more than one video added on the same day where there was one period about a month ago where there were eight days between updates, but since then there's been at least one video added per week and usually more.

Full membership does include access to 16 other sites within the 429 Members Area. These bonus sites (which really work as different areas of the same big site as they all share the same pages, look and feel, and probably some of the same content) bring you over 1,400 varied photo sets and over 5,732 allegedly amateur videos in total. It's a big collection of all kinds of amateur content and you are able to rate it and comment on it.

There are several issues with this site. First is a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership when you join this site. The trial offer recurs at $12.00 more than the regular monthly membership and gives only limited access to the site. The tour shows guys who don't actually appear in the members area; many of the guys on the tour are porn regulars and models rather than the amateur / regular guys in the member area. The quality of movies could use some work, although in some cases we can forgive this. And there are tons of ads littering the pages, some animated and some that could be mistaken for content.

One last thing worth mentioning is that the videos here aren't listed in date order initially. If you're a member and aren't seeing updates, be sure and click the "Most Recent" button. That way, you'll be looking at the newest videos instead of the most viewed or most popular.

I would say that Bareback BF Videos is a bit hit and miss. What it does have is 312 non-exclusive amateur and amateur-style videos where there is some kind of bareback fucking. But there are some genuine flaws that no site should have: a tour with content that does not appear in the members area, and it has some that we can forgive: i.e. some low-quality movies that may have been made at home. The videos can be downloaded, streamed, or played on most mobiles, and the site updates at least once a week and usually more often. Full members have access to a network of mainly amateur or amateur-style content. If you're up for all kinds of amateur guys in condom-free hardcore and aren't looking for high-quality videos, you might want to take a peek.

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