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Yeehaw! Here's a site that takes us on a trip to ranches and prairies of the old west. Bad Cowboys offers hardcore western-themed porn. The gay cowboys theme has been used in many gay porn movies, but I am pretty sure that this is the most unique site I've seen that is entirely devoted to cowboy porn. It's been designed to matches the cowboy theme, complete with guys in cowboy hats, vests and jeans, gun belts and boots, and of course plenty of horses. The site tells you stories about two rough-looking outlaws who fuck every guy that comes on their path. One of these gunslingers is a dark-skinned Latino with a huge cock (Black Mustang) and the other is Caucasian (Billy the Kid).

The cowboys are in their late twenties or early thirties and the guys they encounter and fuck are around the same age or a little bit younger. The guys who are unlucky (or lucky) enough to meet the outlaws end up fucked from both side, and while they protest initially, it's obvious that they can't get enough of those cowboy dicks as they are almost begging to get their mouths and asses filled up, and they are happy to take their loads on their faces.

Most of the scenes are threesomes which have been filmed outdoors. I guess that the videos have been shot in Brazil, since the guys speak Portuguese and the majority of them have uncut cocks. While the videos here are cowboy-themed, the two newest videos on this site have been filmed in quite a different style, as the guys in those scenes are a little bit older and the scenes have not been filmed outdoors.

Bad Cowboys was launched in November 2006 and stopped updating nine months after the launch. There are 10 full-length videos inside the members area, which are offered as full scenes as well being broken into clips. The full scenes are downloadable in WMV format and are sized at 640x480. Since the quality of the videos is fairly good, you can enlarge them without losing too much on the quality. The videos are DRM-free. In case you prefer to watch the vids online, you can stream them. I would recommend downloading the videos, however, since the streaming versions are much smaller (320x240) and you get asked for your username and password each time you want to stream a video.

The site offers 27 photo sets, each one from half or part of a video, and each set contains 50 pictures on average. The pictures are fairly good quality and are shown at a size of 960x1280. The photos are bright and detailed, and there are a couple of close-ups in every set. You can browse through the galleries or you could use the hands-free slideshow. Images can be saved individually or altogether in zip files.

Besides videos and photo sets, Bad Cowboys also offers more than 100 erotic stories, and while they are not about cowboys, there are some pretty hot stories that are worth a read. Members also get access to nine bonus gay porn sites from the same network. Most of these sites are twink and black sex sites. Unfortunately, most of the bonus sites have not been updated in years but they do add some more videos for members. There's also a link to a webcam site, but to make full use of it, you would need to buy credits.

Bad Cowboys is a nice site with an original theme, but it has a few issues. First of all, the site is very small and does not update. The members area is loaded with banner ads for other gay porn sites including a couple at the top of the member home page and four banner ads at the top of the videos and pictures sections, but worst are the 4 intrusive banners on the top of every gallery and 4 more banners on the bottom below the thumbs. Last, while the site does offer 10 downloadable full scenes, it lists far more videos that that because the clips are listed as separate updates, which makes the site seem like it has more videos that it actually offers.

Bad Cowboys delivers hot cowboy and robber-themed videos starring horny Latinos and Caucasians with uncut cocks. The whole western theme has been carried out very well when it comes to the action, the western costumes, the locations and scenarios and even the horses the outlaws ride. The 10 videos are not only hot but also very entertaining. The videos are downloadable and DRM-free, and while they're a bit on the small side, they're quite watchable - I enjoyed them. I was actually quite disappointed that the site doesn't add more videos. While members do get access to a selection of bonus sites, for me Bad Cowboys delivered the most unique and interesting (not to mention hot!) content.

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