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BSM Fetish Boys is a site produced out of the Netherlands that features some of the roughest corporal punishment I've seen. This site has been around for a little over a year, but it's just hitting our radar now, so let's get inside and take a look around.

The guys here are Euro lads in their early to mid twenties, and they're a mix of average, rough-looking and cute guys. They are mostly smooth, sporting slender or skinny bodies, but a few have more muscle definition. Except for the leather, rubber and latex gear, or the various uniforms, the guys look like your run-of-the-mill lads; I didn't see many skinheads or heavily inked or pierced types. The site seems to be produced in the Netherlands, but the descriptions are available in English and German, and many of the videos feature German-speaking guys.

The action here is pretty rough and it's heavy on corporal punishment. I watch one brutal ass paddling that lasted 9:43 minutes, and it made me squirm. A guy is lying face down on the floor, he has a rather beefy ass bulging through his leather chaps, and his hands are restrained to the wall. A blond guy dressed in knee-high rubber boots and a harness whacked the sub's ass first with a rubber paddle. And it hurt. The slave boy squirmed and yelled with each swat of the paddle. The top also used a strap, a belt, a riding crop, and his gloved hands. By the time the poor lad's session was over, his ass was red and looked quite sore.

Most of the sessions are duos with guys around the same age both topping and being dominated, but there were a few with two tops working over one bottom. The guys are restrained in all kinds of ways - handcuffs, leather straps and chains - or sometimes not at all. And the masters use all kinds of things to administer their beatings from straps and belts to riding crops and paddles. Sometimes the guys are made to suck cock or get their asses fucked, but some guys just take a good beating. I saw a few other sessions that involved hot wax, clothespins, piss play, boot worship, CBT and domination.

There are 144 videos at BSM Fetish Boys, and they're available in one downloadable MP4 that plays at 720x576. These are amateur productions and, as already mentioned, many don't feature English-speaking performers, although some do. I wasn't terribly bothered by this or the lack of subtitles as it's usually pretty each to figure out what the tops are barking at their subs. You can stream the videos, too, and these play at 520x348. The site doesn't use a full-streaming server and I had to wait for the videos to buffer before I could fast forward. The video quality is generally pretty clear and there's good sound.

There are 61 picture sets, and it's hard to tell if the pics are average quality digital stills or good quality screencaps. Either way, you can see them online in galleries or slideshows or you can download a zip file and look at them later. There are around 30 or more pictures per gallery, and they display at 1200x1600.

The episodes in the member area are only dated with their month and not a full date, although you can see the dates listed in the tour. In December 2014 there were 13 videos uploaded, in November there were 11, in October 10 videos were added, and in September another 13 videos. Only the site's very first month of operation (January 2014) had less than 10 videos added.

The site doesn't have many issues. I did find the membership price was a bit expensive for what you were getting - $40 USD for 144 videos is a bit dear - but the rebilling on subsequent months was quite reasonable at around $20 USD. And as I mentioned earlier, most of the videos do not feature English-speaking performers, which may or may not be an issue for you.

BSM Fetish Boys offers a pretty good selection of spanking and corporal punishment videos. It features guys around the same ages playing together, so you won't find any daddy-boy sessions here. But if you like brutal spanking sessions and love watching bare bums turning bright red, you'll find plenty here to keep you squirming in your seat. These sessions feature guys wearing a good variety of leather, rubber, and other gear, as well there was a good mixture of action and equipment and implements used. And with 10 to 13 videos added every month, the site is growing at a good rate.

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