Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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BDSM Jeans offers us Masters in jeans and leather sexually using their slaves in SM, BDSM, piss and fetish play. The guys here are a rough-looking group of bad boys, skinheads, punks and hooligans, the kind of guys who you wouldn't want to run into on a dark, deserted street. Several look menacing in their jean jackets, smoking a cigarette, snarling or giving us the finger; others of these ruffians are sweet-faced but look like a heap of trouble nevertheless. These 20-somethings are sporting slender or athletic bodies with smooth torsos and faces. Most of the guys are European, so you'll find lots of foreskin.

The site has gone through a bit of an evolution as far as the action is concerned, so let's start with the older stuff, which is closer to what the site promises. There's lots of pissing, so if you like watching guys taking a leak in a bucket or a wine bottle, there are lots of these types of one-minute reels, but only some of these guys are wearing jeans. There's another series of videos where one or two guys in jeans rough up a third who is usually naked. These sessions involve lots of hair pulling and pushing, sometimes the guys are pissed on, often their bodies and cocks are crushed under their Masters' sneakers or boots. Sometimes they are beaten with floggers or belts, others are slapped with their tormentor's open hand.

One guy in jeans finds a guy sitting on his couch and he yells repeatedly "Who are you?" and "What are you doing here?" When he doesn't get an answer, he pulls the guy onto the floor and kicks him many times. He removes his own boots and strips his captive, then he bends him over the dining table and secures him to it with rope. This punk makes his captive suck dick, then he stuffs the boy's bare hole with his meaty uncut cock. (Not all the fucking on BDSM Jeans is bareback.) After unloading his nuts, he unties his sub and orders him to put on his Master's socks and boots. Another video opens with a skinhead in jeans sitting on the couch smoking and he's using a naked guy on the floor as a foot rest. The skinny punk stands and crushes his sub under his black boots. He puts a dog collar on his slave and makes him bark like a dog, then he rides him around the living room like a pony and beats his ass with a humongous dildo.

But not all of the videos feature rough sex. One video has a guy in denim sitting in his car and smoking, he lies on the hood for a bit, then climbs in the back seat and jacks off. Some of the guys rub their denim-encased crotches before pulling out their dicks and masturbating. One dude didn't do much of anything except sneer at the camera and shove his boot in our face.

The videos are offered in streaming Flash and many of the full scenes are broken into multiple updates running from one to several minutes each. But some of the videos are offered as full scenes, like that skinhead's which was just over an hour; the other with the slave boy tied to the dining room table was in split into two 14-minute parts. Most of the movies are sized at 600x480, but some don't fill the whole viewing area. These are amateur productions and quality varies from poor to average. And unfortunately you can only download videos if you've been a member for longer than four months.

There are 119 galleries featuring digital stills and these are good amateur quality. There is another gallery section offering poor to average quality screencaps that display at 570x578. The galleries have a couple of dozen to as many as 300+ pictures each which you can only view on the site as you can't right-click and save them and there are no downloadable zip files, either; there are no slideshows available, either, and thumbs are tiny, so it can be hard to get an idea of the action in a given picture.

How often does the site update? I'm not sure. The site tour promises twice weekly updates, but the episodes themselves aren't dated, and there are only 111 more updates than there were over 5 1/2 years ago. There is a coming soon section that shows videos dated every couple of days, but four of these five videos are segments from the same jack-off session dragged out over the coming week.

Beyond that, the site actually looks like it's been running with purchased content that isn't in keeping with the earlier videos. The latest video is a 14-part series with five black guys using a skinny white boy's mouth and ass and another military series has a soldier dragged out of his tent and forced to suck his way down a line of hung men. There are a couple dozen more videos with guys in rough suck and fuck sessions, but again, these are decidedly different than the site's earlier amateur videos. After about 90 of these seemingly purchased videos, we finally gets to the BDSM Jeans amateur content. BTW, each picture has three watermarks on it in different places, which seems like overkill.

So let's list the problems: downloadable video is reserved for long-time members, you can't save pictures, the update schedule is uncertain, and most of the videos are broken into shorter clips, each used as an update to sort of make their content stretch further. Also, there isn't as much content as one would expect of a site that's been around since 2009 - and only 111 more video updates have been added, while the site does seem to be updating now. I'm guessing they stopped updating for a time, then started updating again with purchased content, but we can't actually confirm that. And when you go to join the site, it says that the trial is for only 10 minutes, but on the processor's page, it says it's for a day, and the processor is the one doing the billing.

BDSM Jeans is one of those sites that seems great on the tour; after all there aren't a lot of sites combining 20-something Euro guys in jeans engaging in rough sex and piss play. If I were into these fetishes, I'd be chomping at the bit to get inside. Unfortunately, once in the members area I think the negatives outweigh the positives. As well, I found many of the "Masters" didn't really know what they were doing. They seem to be exceedingly harsh just for the sake of it. Having said that, if you're into piss and rough play, and if you go in with your eyes wide open to the site's downfalls, you will probably have some horny times watching many of BDSM Jean's amateur videos.

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