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Strict Brother is a 20-something-year-old guy who's also the star of a site called BB Spanking (or Strict Brother Spanking). He hands out some of the most severe spankings I've ever seen. In a mix of indoor and outdoor sessions, he uses a variety of implements to teach these bad boys a lesson. He's not afraid to use his bare hand, but he has some favorite tools of the trade including straps, floggers, wooden spoons, ping pong paddles, and the birch.

I believe the guys here are Czech, but unfortunately there's no bio information or profiles, so I'm going by the producer's location on the site's legal page. The guys seem to range from 18 to their early twenties. Most of them are sporting skinny or athletic bodies, but a couple have nice thick thighs and round, firm butts - perfect to spank. The guys are largely smooth with untrimmed pubes, and their cocks are natural too, with juicy foreskin. The tour does say "watch college guys being spanked," but there are no college settings, headmasters, or anything else to bear out the idea that these are college guys.

Strict Brother is also in his twenties; he's slim with an athletic build and wears his hair cropped close. He usually wears jeans, although a couple of times I saw him in shorts. He wears a wife beater in a couple of scenes, but the rest of the time he's bare chested. Strict Brother does almost all the spanking, although he was helped in a couple of scenes by a man slightly older, maybe late twenties or early thirties.

There aren't any stories or situations here explaining why these lads are being spanked. One scene opened with a clothed guy lying on the bed; he watches Strict Brother enter and pick his first implement. He sits on the guy's back to hold him down and administers the first whack with a large wooden spoon. The poor lad wasn't prepared for how much this was going to sting, and by the third swat he looked like he was seriously rethinking volunteering for this. He's eventually stripped and roped to the bed and Strict Brother beats his ass with a ping pong paddle, a leather strap, the birch, and a flogger. It doesn't take long for this lad's bum to turn deep red and welted. When it's over, Strict Brother strokes the guy's cock, then lets him finish himself off. I didn't watch every single video, but they all seem to end with the guys getting themselves off, however Strict Brother sometimes helps them out.

Most of the spankings go this way, with Strict Brother using a variety of implements on his buddies' asses. There's not much verbal admonishment, chastising, or instruction, although there is plenty of yelping, hollering, and pleading, but without subtitles I don't know what the guys are saying, although it's not hard to guess. Most of these sessions all in a home setting - the living room or bedroom - but there are nine scenes that happen outdoors in a wooded area. Sometimes the guys are tied up, but Strict Brother seems to like the struggle, and he's good at wrapping his legs around the guys to keep their hands away from their asses while he beats them.

And these spankings are brutal - they're beatings, really - with those tender butts quickly turning red, bruising, and even bearing deep red welts. I found that Strict Brother was consistently harsh and his spanking sessions lacked the build-up and tension that I've seen on other sites. The first whack is just as hard as the twentieth and most of the guys squirm and try to protect their asses from the relentless whipping. Maybe this is Strict Brother's spanking style, but I suspect it's his inexperience showing through.

There are 36 videos offered on BB Spanking, and they come in WMV format. They are only offered for download, there's no streaming here. The videos play at 680x384 and they're good amateur quality and fare quite well at full-screen mode. I was pretty impressed with how quickly the movies downloaded and I had no problem doing four downloads at a time.

Twenty of the videos have picture galleries, and most of these each contain 50 to 75 pictures, although I saw some with as many as 125 pictures. They appear to be digital stills, but they could just as easily be high-quality screencaps. You can look at these in thumbnail galleries on the site, and you're free to save whatever you want one picture at a time, but there's no slideshows or downloadable zip files available.

Was everything here as rosy on as these well-spanked butt cheeks? (Yes, I just did that - sorry.) Well, the videos aren't dated, so I can't tell you how often the site updates. The last four episodes all say "new," but without a date, they could have been added in the last month, the last six months, or could have all been added 3 years ago. The other thing that I found missing on BB Spanking was any sort of scene descriptions or model profiles. And the videos have no intros, no build up; I always find it more fun to watch as Johnny gets yelled at for smoking or not doing his chores, and then he's dragged to the bed where the walloping begins.

BB Spanking offers 36 videos, and each scene runs from 20 to 30 minutes. Honestly I don't think these lads could stand more of an ass whipping than that - Strict Brother really is brutal. Not only would most of these guys have trouble sitting down for a week, but I'm betting their butts bore the red souvenirs of these beatings for just as long. I particularly enjoyed how Strict Brother could wrap his legs around a guy or sit on him and still deliver a good beating with whatever implement he was using. Watching the struggling and squirming is half the fun here. I wish I could tell you more about whether the site is adding new content, but nevertheless, with three dozen videos, I think you're getting your money's worth on the month-long membership.

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