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B-Boyz is a site for guys who are into nudism, and particularly for those who are into spying on naturists. It's for all of us who like to get naked and hang out at the beach with other folk who are into naturism, and particularly for those who like to catch a glimpse of some naked dick swinging in the wind. It's not a porn site as such, though there are some hardcore images. It brings us average to good-looking guys of all ages, shapes and sizes, from average guys to muscle hunks, and there are some hairy guys and guys in their 40s, but there's an emphasis in the galleries being on the younger, 18+ amateur exhibitionist. You'll find smooth and sometimes shaved bodies; there were some hairy guys, but I didn't see any chubs or bears, and they are caught on video sunbathing nude, chilling together or solo on nude beaches. I should also mention that it's not just guys in the videos, many of these are mixed beaches so you'll find men and women.

We're told that the site makes its own videos by filming on FKK beaches. (FKK is the German acronym for "Freikörperkultur" or Free Body Culture, and is now commonly applied to naturist beaches in Europe.) The video content bears this out as you find movies showing groups of guys (and some women) naturally naked on the beach. The photo section moves a little way off that particular track with general images of naked guys, some masturbating, some fucking, and some that look like self-shot images from self-submitted, picture sharing sites.

There are 120 exclusive, DRM-free nude beach videos at B Boyz. These videos can be downloaded in MP4 format and play at 1280x720. The actual download button doesn't download, but you can right-click the button or the video and select "save link as". While the videos are good amateur quality, they are amateur in execution, with the camera moving around to try and follow the naked guys as they lie on the sand, walk, talk and move around. They are shot so you feel like you are the one on the beach watching what's going on around you. This makes for a nice effect but does mean that sometimes you're flashing (excuse the pun) from one guy to the nex in a blur. The sound is natural, the videos are plain and simple. Movies run for around five minutes each.

You can also stream the videos on the site They're also MP4s and are sized anywhere from 910x540 to 960x540 at good quality. Even in full-screen mode the videos don't lose much quality. A lot of the movies looked like they were filmed on the same beach, so I'm not sure about the "worldwide" promise of the tour, but you get more variety in the galleries.

There are 118 photo sets. These are sets of mixed images, not series pics, and in any given gallery there are unrelated pics - the first gallery I checked out included two guys nude on the beach, a naked twink nude in a room, a guy and a gal kissing, a man naked on the sand, and a gay threesome. There are between 42 and 63 images per set and a new set was being added every day. Images opened up to various sizes - 498x750, 1024x701 and 768x957, for example, and come with basic back and forward navigation buttons. Slideshows were available but there are no zip files.

The galleries are the place to find action that moves away from the main B-Boyz theme of simple beach nudity. There are some cute guys together, some ass shots, cute twinks with their cams in the bathroom, hard-ons, even some straight action shots to view , but there's also a goodly selection of on-the-beach nudist images as you would find on any naturist site. All of the images come with a rate function as do the videos, so you can cast a vote, but there were no comments facilities or "add to favorites" functions.

There were no bonuses at the site other than a member forum that is a central forum for several nudism sites, mostly straight, and this requires that you create a new login. There are lots of straight pics and videos on the board, but there is also a guys thread with lots of pics. There is also a thread asking "What's the bravest thing you have done nude", and there's another thread where members discuss their first time nudist experiences.

Now for the biggest problem with B-Boyz - the site has only grown by two videos since we were here three years ago. Also the very oldest video on the site are listed as being added in August of 2018, and yet we reviewed the site in 2015 when it had 118 videos. I'm afraid this means that the site is recycling updates by changing the dates of existing videos so they appear current. I should also mention that the site's tour is virtually unchanged since our last review three years ago.

There are some other complaints, as well. I thought that navigation could be improved here, as you can only navigate one page forward or back and at time; there is no pagination, no search or sort options and no category lists or search box to help find what you're looking for. Also the lack of smaller sizes of videos means only newer mobiles that can play 1280x720 can play the videos. The site has no video descriptions, no keywords or tags, no info about the guys in the videos or info about the locations - not even by state, country, province or state - of where the beaches are.

B-Boyz focuses on nudists at the beach, mostly men from average to cute in their twenties and thirties hanging out (and so are their flaccid cocks and butts), walking around, sunbathing and doing what you do at the beach. The site offers 120 exclusive video clips (they're usually around 5 minutes each) that can be downloaded, streamed or played on newer mobiles. There are galleries of mixed pics, as well - some are nude beach themed, the rest aren't. Despite the lack of updates, I'd say that B-Boys features a rather unique mix of naturism, voyeur and titillation, and it's a unique site.

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