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Austin Wilde is the is one of the jocks to get his own site from Nextdoor Studios, and he's a hottie. He's got an athletic body with a sixpack and strong thighs, a mischievous smile and a shaved head, his tour shows him jacking off, getting his cock sucked - and doing his share of the sucking - and doing some ass fucking. Austin has hairy armpits and some fur on his chest, and he usually sports a little face scruff, which adds to that sexy appearance.

Austin seems to have a taste for guys who are like him - college-aged jocks with well-muscled bodies, a taste for dick and who are turned on having sex in front of the camera. There's plenty of sucking - when it comes to blowjobs, Austin likes to give as well as to receive - and there's fucking, with Austin topping and 1 or 2 sessions where he bottoms. Expect some threesomes, 69 sessions, and a few scenes that take place at the gym or in the locker room, but where ever the action happens, Austin brings a lot of sexual energy to his videos.

Austin Wilde offers 60 exclusive videos, and while the site no longer updates, there's a good amount of bonus sites in the network that deliver more content. More about that shortly. Now, let's look at the videos. The newer vids are offered in MP4 format in full HD (that's 1920x1080), and they're not only big - they look good. They're also offered in 5 more sizes including 2 more smaller HD sizes. The older MP4s are still good sized, shown at 1080x720 plus several smaller sizes, and all WMVs are sized at 720x400 plus 1 smaller size. Each vid is also offered in several sizes of streaming MP4. All the videos are DRM-free with good sound, and are worth adding to your permanent porn collection.

The Austin Wilde photos are digital stills, which is always nice. These are good amateur quality, and are sized at 800x1024 or 1080x1920, but are constrained on the page so they appear smaller. You can check out individual pics or sit back and enjoy them as a hands-free slideshow. The galleries have anywhere from 18 to 275 pics each, most of the larger sets being from the solo shoots. I definitely liked the pics, but I did notice that most don't show hardcore action - I guess they save that for the videos.

In addition to the pics and videos, members get access to some more cool stuff. First of all, there are 36 behind the scenes videos in the "On The Set" section. The site also has several weekly live shows, and the guys who are scheduled for the next few days are Next Door Studios performers including Cody Cummings. And let's not forget that members get access to an entire network of 12 gay/jock, 1 bi and 1 straight sites featuring horny guys and downloadable videos.

I did find a few issues here. First, as mentioned, the site no longer updates. Next, when you hit back from the join page, a pop-up appears. And last, trial members don't get full access - they can stream the videos, but if they want to download them, they must upgrade to a full membership.

Austin Wilde is a hot guy. I love his shaved head and that "I'm gonna fuck you" vibe, not to mention his great body. The site offers 60 downloadable DRM-free videos, 36 behind the scenes videos and 64 photo sets, but no longer adds new content. To make up for this, the network offers several weekly live shows with various guys from Next Door Studios, plus there's a good selection of exclusive bonus sites from Nextdoor. But what I like best about the site is Austin Wilde himself!

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