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AudatiousNitez is a real-life gay couple who just launched their own JustForFans feed, and they're off to a hot start. "We're a Freaky Couple That Gets Off On Recording," says their profile. This pair used to have their own channel on a well-known tube site, but after becoming very popular they started their own membership site called Nasty Black Boys, which we have also reviewed here. They started their JustForFans feed on March 18, 2018, and it's already quite active, so join me while I check it out.

AudatiousNitez films themselves having sex with each other, and they also love inviting other guys to join them separately or in threeways. I can't tell you much about them except that they're black with athletic bodies, they're both packing large cocks, and they appear to be in their twenties. Beside that, we rarely see much of their faces in the videos, and when we do it's usually just a pair of lips sliding up and down a stiff dick. Likewise, a lot of the guys who appear with them remain anonymous, so while you can expect to see lots of dick sucking and cock-in-hole close-up action, you're not going to see many faces. It's understandable since many of these guys are Grindr hook-ups or sessions with Twitter fans and followers. They also fuck around occasionally with porn stars.

AudatiousNitez films around the U.S. in cities like Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta and Washington D.C., but they fucked a Greek guy in Rome. There's a lot of dick sucking and bareback fucking, but I'm not sure if every video features raw fucking because I didn't watch them all. As I've mentioned, most of the action is close-up cock-in-hole fucking, and rarely is anyone's face in the frame for long. You'll get back views of tops pumping ass or maybe a headless bottom lying on his back getting pumped or sometimes spit-roasted by two guys.

There are 132 videos available on AudatiousNitez, 12 more than there were a few days ago, and you can stream them on your desktop computer and mobile device. The videos are generally 960x540, but many of them are filmed with cell phones in portrait orientation, and some are simply smaller, at least a couple sized at 640x370. I have a 26-inch monitor and some of the videos are stretched to play at 1220x690 but they also played fine on my mobiles. Overall the videos are good amateur sessions filmed on home equipment or cell phones; they're not crisp and clear studio sessions, but they're enjoyable nonetheless. And if you like close-up action, there's plenty of shots of large cocks sliding into wet, bare holes. There's only one photo on this JustForFans feed, and it's hot, so I wish they'd add some more.

AudatiousNitez has been adding content almost every day; they've only missed one day in the last two weeks, and they've added anywhere from one to eleven videos each day during this time. However this may be the initial loading phase and they likely won't continue at this rate once they've uploaded their entire stock of videos. Good news is that they do appear to take requests from fans. That's nice to see. I'm guessing one guy was a very happy fan when he saw his requested video on the feed which, by the way, featured the bottom wearing black socks while riding his buddy's huge cock. There are a couple more request videos as well.

JustForFans has just started with a store feature where the guys can sell their videos, and so far AudatiousNitez has eight of their videos loaded into their store. They cost $7.99 each and the one I downloaded played at 960x540. I have no idea if all of their videos will be available to buy, we'll have to wait and see.

Are there any problems here? Not really. Like most JustForFans feeds, there's not no real info or profiles about the guys so we can get to know more about them. A few of the smaller videos are about half the size of the largest vids, but they're still watchable, although they don't fare well enlarged to full screen. 

AudatiousNitez is a real-life black couple with big dicks and an active sex life. Whether they're fucking each other or other guys, there's a lot of horny sucking and ass fucking here. There's even the odd gang bang when the guys host a party. This is an active feed with lots of updates - they went from 120 to 132 videos just this week - and AudatiousNitez seem fairly attentive to their fans and what they want to see. Plus there are some big black dicks on the AudatiousNitez feed. Want to see more? Head on over and check out this horny couple.

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