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Ass Lick Boys focuses on amateurs, twinks, and regular guys in hardcore action including plenty of rimming. The performers here are average to cute all-American guys-next-door from about 19 to 26 years old, most with slender to athletic bodies, a few on the skinny side. Most have smooth chests, although a few have furry pecs and tummies; many have hairy armpits, and some sport a few tattoos. While a lot of the guys have a clean-cut look, some are a bit scruffy with a furry chins and a bit of a mussed look. Most of the performers have shaved pubes and asses, but some have hairy asses, and the cock sizes here are all over the map.

Since this site focuses on rimming, it's no surprise that all the action is hardcore. A lot of the episodes start off with the guys kissing, some just a little while others really get into it. Each duo sucks each other's cocks, and then we get to the ass eating. Some sites get through that quickly, but here the performers really get their faces in between their buddy's butt cheeks or spread them apart to run their tongues into those puckered assholes. And then it's time for at least one of the guys in each session to get fucked, often in a variety of positions before both of them shoot their warm, creamy loads.

Ass Lick Boys offers 41 exclusive episodes. The videos are offered in WMV, QuickTime and Real formats, and are shown at 480x360 at fairly good amateur quality plus three smaller versions, and these are available to download or stream as clips or full scenes. Going full screen with the largest size means some loss of sharpness and clarity, but it's watchable; I wouldn't recommend going full screen with the smaller sizes as they don't hold up well. There are no mobile versions of the videos; the QuickTimes don't use the h.264 codec, so they won't play on iPhone, iPad, or most Android devices.

Each episode comes with a set of pictures. These are good amateur quality digital stills sized at about 600x800. The pics show off the guys and the action very well from the stripping through the cumshots, and there are a decent amount of closeups to get you into the action including the rimming. While there are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, you can easily navigate from pic to pic, and you can also save individual pictures.

In addition to the Ass Lick Boys pics and videos, full members also get access to four bonus sites from the same network. Two of the sites update weekly - College Dudes (953 videos) and Boy Gusher (347 vids) - and Broke College Guys no longer updates but offers an additional 94 videos. The fourth site, HS Boys, offers a large collection of gay feeds in a wide variety of niches for members to enjoy.

Now let's talk about updates and downsides. The site has not updated since 2009, which explains the smallish size of the videos. While two of the bonus sites still update, they don't have the focus on rimming like this site does. Next, there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a recurring membership to a second site when you join Ass Lick Boys. Not only that, but the site is one of the included bonus sites, so be sure to untick it before you join. Some tour claims aren't accurate - the tour lists five bonus sites, four of which are no longer included, and on the join page it offers six bonus sites. It also offers HQ (high quality) videos, and while they're not bad, they're not high quality by today's standards.

Ass Lick Boys definitely delivers twinks and amateurs giving and getting rimjobs, with warm, wet tongues licking and penetrating those butt holes. There's also plenty of cocks getting sucked and asses fucked in a variety of positions before the guys shoot their loads. There are 41 exclusive videos to download and stream (sorry, mobile users - no mobile vids here), and each episode comes with pics. Disappointingly the site hasn't updated in years, but there are four bonus sites, two of which update every week. In fact, if you're not only looking for rimming, what makes Ass Lick Boys worth joining is the access to the over 1,200 bonus videos in the network.

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