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Asian Male Massage has a unique and interesting theme. Chinese male masseurs at actual Shanghai massage parlors give real massages that include skilled full body rubdowns to clients who may be nude under a towel but most are simply naked while their masseur is probably wearing shorts to show off his body. The first half of each massage is an typical massage, with the client getting rubbed, his legs, back and arms stroked and manipulated, sometimes with oil, as he lies on the table. Then comes the second half of each massage, where the masseur gets completely naked, either he or his client is oiled up, and he rubs his body up and down his client's body, ass and cock, sometimes touching his balls or cock from behind. I didn't see any cumshots but a number of guys got hard, and who could blame them?

The performers here are, as mentioned, actual Asian masseurs and the clients are locals, possibly clients of the massage parlors where the action for this site takes place. Most of the guys are in their twenties, fit but with slender to average builds. Many have smooth bodies and full, bushy pubic hair, and a few have tattoos. The masseurs are a mix of gay and straight, but most say they both top and bottom. In some videos, there's a second man in the room, and in at least one vid, the second man did the body-to-body oil massage. On each masseur's page, you'll not only find a brief profile and links to his videos, but also a link to the massage parlor he works at and what he charges for a private massage outside the parlor.

The action takes place in five massage parlors in Shanghai. Each parlor has its own page with several pics of the parlor and its amenities, ratings, average cost per session, telephone number and address. There are also directions and recommended masseurs, which could be handy if you're you're visiting Shanghai in China. Each massage parlor's page also includes links to all the videos shot there.

Asian Male Massage currently offers 47 video updates in MP4 format. Some of the updates are half of full scenes, others are shorter videos showing off some of the performers. The videos are sized at 1280x720 and 720x404, and they're good amateur quality, which means they enlarge pretty well. While the videos are MP4s, they're not mobile compatible. Oddly, while each video is listed with a thumb with a play arrow on it, there are no streaming versions available, however you can click rather than save any of the mobile videos and play it in your browser.

There are four picture sets, as well; they're listed in the BONUS section. These are pretty good amateur quality digital stills and sized at 1000x1500. These show off the guys and the action pretty well, but I didn't find any closeups at all - not even one or two per set of the cocks. You can download individual pictures, but there are no slideshows, downloadable zip files or pic-to-pic navigation. There are between 34 and 65 pictures per set, and I hope the site owners will be add more picture sets in the near future.

Now let's talk about issues. First off, there are no dates on the updates nor is there a specific schedule; the tour says it "Always has new updates of masseurs and spas", but I'd rather see specifics so we'd know if the site updated weekly, monthly or randomly. Next, the tour offers full length videos, but the full scenes are each broken into two parts that are listed as separate updates; I'd have preferred less videos but full scenes. As mentioned, I'd have liked to see streaming videos, and for that matter, I wish the videos were encoded using the MP4 codec instead of the one they're using so the videos could be mobile compatible.

While not exactly an issue, I'd have liked to see each video with its own page. That would be a great place to tell about the massage and maybe a little about the client. It would also be a great place to have good-sized streaming videos, which the site indicates it has as each video's preview thumb has a play arrow; alas, nothing happens when you click those arrows, as the videos are only offered for download.

Asian Male Massage features guys in Shanghai massage parlors. Both clients and masseurs are Asian (and presumably Chinese), with fit, smooth bodies and mostly unshaved pubes. The massages are real, full body massages that are followed by the masseur climbing on their clients and moving up and down their bodies, asses and cocks with their own well-oiled body. There are currently 47 videos, a mix of half-scenes and shorter "meet the guys" videos that can be downloaded with no DRM. The site says it updates, but there's no schedule or dates, and not only is there info about the massage parlors, but the site has plans to shoot in more Asian countries including Japan and Thailand. I like what Asian Male Massage has to offer, and if you're into Chinese guys and hot massages, this site is definitely worth a visit.

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