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Asian Ephebes focuses on Asian twinks and amateur boys mainly from Thailand. The guys are between 18 and 28 years of age and look like average Asians with slender bodies, black hair and dark eyes. While their bodies are smooth and hairless, some of the guys do have some facial hair or tattoos. You won't find any huge cocks here, but they are uncut, which is a definite plus for foreskin lovers. There's a good mix of gay and straight guys, and while some have a boyish look, some of the models are slender but definitely not cute or twinkish.

While the site offers both solo and hardcore action, most of of the videos are solo scenes in which you see the guys stripping naked, jerking their cocks, and of course, dumping their loads. A couple of the guys play with dildos while jerking off. A few (four, to be exact) of the videos are hardcore gay sex, showing lots of kissing, stroking, sucking cock and guys fucking. The guys obviously seem to be enjoying themselves and each other. If slender Thai boys rock your cock, then read on as we explore what's exactly inside the members area.

There are currently 59 exclusive, DRM-free video updates inside Asian Ephebes, and a total of 52 full scenes (a few scenes are broken into two separate updates). The latest videos on the tour do show their dates, and the site adds a new update every 5 to 9 days. The videos are available for download in two or three sizes. These are MP4 files and come in HD version at a size of 1280x720 as well as in Full HD format at an even bigger size of 1920x1280. While the older downloads come in a compressed form (RAR), the newer videos can simply be downloaded as uncompressed MP4s (a definite improvement), and while you can download several files at once, it takes a while for downloads because such big videos mean larger file sizes. You can also stream the videos. By default, the player comes at a size of 960x540, but since the videos are of excellent quality, you can easily view them in full-screen mode.

Most of the latest scenes come with matching pictures. A selection from the set can be watched online, while you would need to download the full set to your computer, in order to view the entire set. The pictures are actually screencaps, but the quality is okay. The actual size of the pictures is 740x1080, but they are shown at a size around 565x820 when displayed in the picture viewer. There is no hands-free slideshow, but since you need to download the sets to see all the pictures, you might as well use the slideshow tool on your own computer.

Asian Ephebes offers 24 more picture sets, which can be found in the model index. These are solo sets of digital stills with 40 pictures on average, and they show at a size of 779x1080. There's no way to download these galleries in a zip set, but you can save them individually. There's also no hands-free slideshows, but you can easily browse the pics as they're offered in thumbnailed galleries.

I was very happy to see that the newer videos are being offered for download uncompressed, but I hate that they offer the older videos in compressed form, and if they really felt they needed to do so, zip files would have been preferred to RAR, since some members may be unfamiliar with RAR files. As mentioned, the downloads take a while, but on the other hand it's worth the wait, because the vids are of excellent quality and available in two HD sizes. One thing to consider is that unless you're pretty patient, this site might not be a good for for you if you're on a slow internet connection, say under 1 Mbps, as the smaller videos are still HD which means those on slower connections will be waiting for quite a while for the downloads, and there are no standard or mobile vids offered.

Asian Ephebes is off to a good start, delivering horny and slender Asian twinks and amateurs in high quality videos that look great whether you download or stream them. There are currently 52 exclusive full scenes broken into 59 updates, and there are 24 photo galleries, as well. A new update is added every 5 to 9 days - mostly every 4 days. While most of the content is solo, there are a few hardcore duos, as well, and the performers seem to really enjoy getting off on camera. Asian Ephebes has been living up to the site's early promise, and in my opinion they are a nice addition to the established Asian sites.

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