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As Victims is a BDSM site out of Eastern Europe that features some pretty brutal sessions with bullies roughing up bound guys. The guys are from the Czech Republic, and they're in their twenties with slender and athletic or well-defined bodies. They're a mix of street toughs, punks, scallies as well as regular guys who don't really fit into a particular type like jocks or twinks, and while there were some good-looking performers, I thought most were average. There are over 100 guys in the site, and most appear in anywhere from one to three or four videos; some are featured in several to a couple of dozen sessions, and a couple I checked out appear in photo sets but no videos at all.

The site is filled with videos of bullies who rough up other guys in a variety of ways. One video I watched had a bare-chested tough tying another guy to a metal fence as he berated and insulted him. He kicked him and threatened to abandon him tied where he was. Another victim was roped to tracks in a train yard and was beaten with stick. And a third guy was pushed around a meadow by his tormentor, who led him around on a rope, shoved him to the ground and jumped on him.

Most of the videos feature bondage of some kind; doggy training and foot fetish are a couple of popular treatments here, but there's also forced exercising and spanking, too, as well as tickling, kicking, trampling and general roughhousing. Most of the guys are wearing regular street clothes, but a few are outfitted in military or police gear. There is some full nudity, but it's very limited, although a lot of the guys are stripped down to their underwear or have their shirts ripped off. There's also very little sexual activity, as this site is all about punishment, but I did see a couple of guys getting their cocks tugged roughly.

As Victims has 319 exclusive, DRM-free videos in the member area. These are offered in downloadable WMV format and are sized at 728x408. The videos are good amateur quality, but most are filmed outdoors and the sound is unpredictable. You can stream the videos as well, and they come in a larger size, either 720x406 or 640x480, and a smaller size at 320x203. The streaming videos are offered in a Flash player, so if you don't have Flash, better stick with the downloads. The videos generally run between 10 and 15 minutes each, but some are a little longer.

The site also offers 425 picture sets. The pics are decent quality screencaps sized at 719x539, and you'll find anywhere from 21 to over 400 pictures in each set, but the larger sets often have lots of similar poses. There are no slideshows or downloadable zip files, but you can save pictures individually. By the way, some of the guys on the site only appear in pictures sets, they have no corresponding video.

Now let's talk about updates, and I'm afraid the news here isn't good. The tour says the site has updated weekly since 2004, but it hasn't updated in several years, and even when it did update, it only started adding videos in 2006 and the 2004 and 2005 pic set updates were often not added weekly.

Are there other issues? First, the site says there's 402 videos on the top of every page, but that's an exaggeration as there are 319. The site used to say that you can only do 2 simultaneous downloads, but I was able to do at least 4. As I already mentioned, the action can be quite painful with lots of bondage, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of nudity or sex. Because the guys aren't speaking English, there are English subtitles in the videos, but sometimes the translations left me more confused than if there were none at all. Also, most of the videos are filmed outside and there are sometimes issues with the microphones not picking up the speech or problems with wind.

As Victims has a good selection of videos where mostly bound guys are roughed up - punched, kicked or beaten - while their tormentors berate them verbally, calling them names or giving them shit for whatever misdeed they're accused of. There's not much full nudity or sex, but if you're into the bullying scene, this site delivers. There are 319 exclusive videos to download or stream, and there are also 425 picture sets, but the site has stopped updating. Luckily there's plenty to keep you entertained for a month or two, and you can't go wrong if you like watching straight and amateur Czech guys getting bound, punished and tormented in exclusive videos.

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