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Arnold Fitch is an unusual site. It describes their videos as "hardcore muscle fetish stories," and the top of each page has an alien (or perhaps a demon) imagining a well-muscled male chest, the nipple being pinched between two fingers. The men offered here range from average to gorgeous, a mix of bodybuilders, ripped and athletic guys and hunks with bulging pecs and mighty thighs, many with six-pack abs and nicely developed biceps. Some are big and beefy, others are well-built and defined, and most seem to be amateurs. And I did see a number of uncut cocks here.

There's lots of muscle worship, guys running their hands (and sometimes mouths) up and down muscular male bodies, oiling them up, licking and sucking nipples and pecs. There's also some solo muscle men flexing, showing off their bodies and sometimes stroking their cocks. But what stands out here are some of the two-guy scenes that may include wrestling as if in a fight that may end in cock sucking, handjobs, and fucking. Some of the scenes include more fantasy-oriented action - a shirtless superhero in cowl and tights captured by a man in the demon mask. You'll find some bondage, too, and a little weightlifting. And I found a straight sex session between one of the men and a blindfolded woman. And there's a man - Arnold Fitch, perhaps? - who wears that alien or demon mask in some of the episodes and may tell the models what to do.

A couple of the more recent updates show a very well-built guy wearing a leopard print loin cloth crawling through the forest, occasionally slapping at his very muscular thighs. In the second update he's not called Tarzan and he seems to be captured and struggling. There's another update - not Tarzan related or outdoors - called Netted, where a bodybuilder is on a bed and covered with a net. He struggles with it, eventually freeing himself from it. On the other hand, there's an episode called Solo Muscle Guy where a ripped and sexy muscle hunk does a solo jerkoff that's very well captured. After he shoots his load, the video keeps running and after a little behind-the-scenes stuff, he does a second masturbation session that includes humping the bed. It's a very sexy video.

Arnold Fitch currently offers 370 video updates, some of which are full scenes and others are broken into multiple updates including some that are pretty short clips; the vids range from around a minute to over 20. The videos are streaming only, although I can't tell what format they are. They're sized at 960x544 and quality is fairly good amateur, a little less clear than perhaps some site's videos, although the oldest scenes are more amateur quality. The streaming was smooth for me, but if you want to skip to the end of a video, you'll have to wait till it's fully loaded. One thing worth mentioning is that the sound is quiet on the videos - I had to turn up my speakers to hear clearly, and one of the vids I watched had no sound.

Now let's talk about updates. While the updates here aren't dated, the site says it updates every Monday, but while there are 259 more updates than there were three years ago, the numbers don't add up. There's no way to know whether updates have slowed, stopped, or whether the site stopped updating for a while and then started again, but I logged back into the site on the Monday following this review, and there were no new videos added.

There's a blog that can be accessed from the tour. For the most part the blog posts are just previews of the members area videos, but it could be worth a look. Unfortunately it was last updated over two years ago, but there's enough there for a decent read.

The site has some additional issues worth discussing. I find that the shorter clips mean that just as I'm getting in the mood the clip ends and I have to hit back, click to the next part, then start it. It's distracting, particularly when the video is interesting to me. While there are 370 video updates, there are probably around 80 to 100 full scenes - it's hard to be sure of the exact amount. One of the latest updates, called Massage & Handjob, is a really well-shot, six-minute suck and fuck session, totally hot, but there's no cumshots - instead, at the end of the video it says to visit another site for the complete video, and I ran into a full scene taken from another muscle site ... there could be more.

So who is Arnold Fitch? Is he the guy in many of the videos who wears the mask (the alien/demon face from the top of the pages) and has an accent? The photographer or site owner? There's no way to really know, as the site has no info about him, there's no About page or any information about the site, the guy in the mask or ... well, anything, really. And let's talk about the mask. It's odd but not in a super-sexy anime way, and I didn't feel it brought anything to the muscle hunk videos the site has to offer, but someone must like it as it's on the top of every page.

Arnold Fitch features bodybuilders, athletes and hunky men with plenty of muscle worship, kidnap fantasies, wresting, hardcore and muscle posing and flexing. In spite of all that, some of the videos here are unusual, thanks to the inclusion of a man with an accent in a demon or alien mask; luckily he's not in all the videos. The site offers 370 video updates, many of which are only part of a full scene; there are probably around 80 to 100 scenes, give or take. The updates aren't dated, and while the site used to add one or two clips every Monday, I waited for Monday to finish this review, and there have been no updates. Still, Arnold Fitch is worth visiting due to its amateur muscle models, scenarios and unusual camerawork.

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