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Television and magazine ads are full of products promising to rid us of body odor and leave us smelling fresh and clean and appealing to our partner. But Armpits is a site that likes their men smelling au naturel, and doesn't even mind sweaty pits just home from the gym . While their guys are jacking off or having sex, they're paying a lot of attention to their armpits. The site opened in 2007 and we haven't reviewed it since it launched.

Armpits doesn't focus on any one type of guy; they feature sports jocks, muscle guys, slender and trim guys, hairy men, even a couple of beach bum types, and gay and straight men alike. The guys are mostly in their twenties, but some are a little older, too. And some guys are sporting hairy pits, while others have shaved pits - although the site prefers hairy ones.

Most of the site's videos feature guys jacking off while smelling and licking their armpits. While one hand is busy with the guy's cock, the other arm is usually slung behind his head so we get a good view of his hairy or smooth armpit. While stoking his meat, the guy is getting off on his own man scent. There are also some duo sex videos where the guys nuzzle, smell, and lick each others' armpits, before getting into some sucking and fucking. I even saw one video where a guy shot his cum load all over his buddy's armpit, which I found pretty hot.

Armpits offers 57 videos on the site, 16 of which are hardcore sex sessions with the remaining 41 featuring solo action. The videos come in two resolutions of WMV and QuickTime. The slow-connection videos display at 320x240 and the high bandwidth videos show at 480x358, but some are as large as 640x480. You can stream or download the videos and there's no DRM on the site. The videos are also offered as small clips (about 10-12 per session) but there's a full-length video, too.

There are 117 photo galleries featuring good-sized digital stills displaying at 854x1274. You can view these in thumbnail galleries, but there are no slideshows or downloadable zips. You can save individual pictures by right clicking them. Each of the 57 videos also has a small gallery of screencaps that display at 640x480.

Unfortunately Armpits no longer updates and hasn't for some time, which is a shame because it was a unique idea offering armpit enthusiasts a place to explore their fetish. The member's area does give you access to a couple of bonuses. When the site was getting off the ground, they started a project called Show Us Your Pits where they offered the man on the street $20 to unshirt and show off his armpits, so the member's area now includes this once separate site and its 36 guys. There's no nudity, just some hot men flexing their arms and showing off their armpits for the camera.

The site also gives you access to Treasure Boys and Bonus Boys. Treasure Boys was another project the Armpits guys had started, but later they rolled Treasure Boys into the Armpits member's area. It features another 27 younger guys 18 to 21 who are little more on the twink side, and each features one, two, or three fully nude galleries. Bonus Boys offers another 79 galleries and videos of non-exclusive content, 27 of these are small videos that play at 320x240, the rest are picture galleries.

Armpits used to offer a community discussion forum, wallpaper, and third-party video plugins, but since it no longer updates with new content, it also discontinued all of these bonus areas. On the plus side, the site now only charges $19.95, which is appropriate for the amount of content it has. It is a recurring membership, but you're not likely to want to stick around for more than a month unless you haven't had a chance to check out all the videos.

If you're into male armpits and watching guys nuzzle and smell their underarms while playing with themselves of other guys, Armpits delivers. The site is on the smallish side with 57 downloadable, DRM-free videos (plus photos) filmed exclusively for the site. Those into pits will have a good selection of videos to last the 30 days of your membership. With virtually every other gay porn site focusing on cocks and asses, it's hot watching guys getting off on something a little different.

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