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Angry Hunks is a new and interesting project featuring guys who are less than thrilled about having to strip and masturbate on camera. They hurl their displeasure and abuse at the viewers calling us nasty names, swearing at us, giving us the finger and telling us how they'll rough us up if they ever run into us for real. In a porn world filled with lots of the same thing, Angry Hunks is definitely unique, so let's have a look inside.

Angry Hunks only opened in February 2014 and so far there are five guys performing in these scenes. They're all in their twenties, three are British and two are Eastern European. The guys are in very good shape with well-defined, athletic bodies and a couple of guys are quite muscular. They're a mix of smooth and hairy, but most are furry, and so far all the guys are uncut.

The action follows a similar path with each guy's performance. He starts off clothed and he doesn't want to be there, but for some unexplained reason he has to do this. He tells me how disgusting I am and taunts and teases me with gropes of his dick or spreading his ass so I can see his hole. He continues insulting me, calling me names, swearing at me and flipping the bird. Sometimes he punches or kicks at the camera. One guy sucked a dildo and called me a filthy pig because he knew that I wanted to do that to his cock, another guy fingered his hairy ass and told me that he'd never let me fuck him. After a number minutes of insults, threats and pure rage, the guy finally settles back and jerks off.

There are 25 video updates in the member area (the site launched Feb, 2014) and you can download the videos in MP4 and WMV formats. They play at 1280x720 and the quality is good with clear picture quality and good sound. The streaming videos play at 694x394, but they're poor to average quality with lots of pixelation. You can view them in full-screen mode, but I wouldn't recommend it. The downloading was quick and you're better off taking the time to download the scenes. There are no picture galleries.

I don't know how often the site updates because the episodes aren't dated, but the site says they add 2 updates per week. However, there were 9 updates in each of February and March of 2014, and seven so far in April with four days before the end of the month.

The big problem that I have with Angry Hunks is each guy's scene is broken into short clips ranging from a couple of minutes to no longer than four minutes, and each clip is released as it's own update. Let's look at one guy who I followed, I'll call him John (the site doesn't name the guys). He opened the site in February with four clips uploaded through the month, then three more in March, and finally in April we got to see him cum. But between each of John's updates two other guys were in rotation with their clips. All total, John's full scene from start to finish was 23 minutes.

So while Angry Hunks might update nine times throughout the month, you're only getting 2 to 4 minutes of video with each clip, making the site quite expensive for 20 to 40 minutes of video each month. And frankly, watching a couple of minutes of a guy every week or so loses the turn-on factor. I think the best way to enjoy these guys is to wait for their entire scene to play out and watch the clips all at once.

The other thing missing from Angry Hunks is bio information on the models and any kind of story line about how and why he finds himself in this hotel room and is forced to put on a show. In my opinion, a bio or at least a profile would really add interest value. There are also no picture galleries. And finally, I'd be a lot happier if the site offered an option to download all of the clips in one complete scene.

Like I said at the top, Angry Hunks definitely gives us something very different. It's not going to be for everyone, but lots of guys enjoy verbal humiliation and degradation. And the only way to see if it's for you is to check out the preview video on the tour. I think Angry Hunks has potential; unfortunately their downfall is dragging each session out over two months. I know we're filthy pigs and don't deserve any better, but honestly, this is unreasonable. I'd like to see more site growth and more models; Angry Hunks would be a lot more recommendable if they'd add model info, offer videos as full scenes or at least break their videos into larger parts - the content itself is unique and pretty hot.

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