Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Anal Pals is a general gay porn site. What I mean by that is that it doesn't focus on a niche - like fetish - or a category like amateur or threesomes. The tour shows a hint of a lot of things, like jockstraps, oral and anal sex, facial cumshots and so on. The guys are mostly good looking and the tour promises us over 50,000 hand-selected premium images, amazing gay videos and the finest gay content. Well, sometimes advertising has little to do with reality, and unfortunately this is one of those times.

When you log in, the Anal Pals member home page looks considerably less pretty than the tour did. There is a menu running across the top of the page and then 5 featured galleries (all solo) on the left side. In the middle you'll find links to various feeds. On the right are bonus sites - more about them in a minute. Under the bonus sites are links to customer service.

The Anal Pals main member page has a flashing graphic that says members get access to 100 EXTRA SITES FREE. Good luck finding those 100 sites - there are links to 4 gay and 29 straight bonus sites on the member home page and 18 feeds on the video feeds page. Even if you count those feeds as sites - and they definitely aren't - we still fall 49 sites short of the promised 100 sites.

The good news is that Anal Pals has over 330 photo galleries. These are mixed hardcore and solo sets, and I've seen many of these pic sets on a lot of other sites. More not so good news is the pics here are on the small side, shown at around a whopping 450x600. And the bad news is that some of the sets have names like "Blonde Fag", "Shit Stabber", "Cheesy Fag" and "Foriegn Flamer", showing a lack of respect for gay men - their members - that I found quite unappealing.

The video feeds page offers 18 feeds including a couple from Vivid. One of the Vivid feeds, Back Alley Boys, offers The Legend of Joey Stefano. The video is on the small side, but it's still worth watching. There's also a self-suck feed, twinks, bears and all the usual niches.

The ezines section contains links to 4 ezines - 1 penis enlargement guide and 3 straight-oriented ezines. Of these 4, only 1 worked - a straight girl-of-the-month type ezine called Cyberfold. Also there is a section called Interactive with 2 feeds that allow you to sort of configure what you'd like to see. It's pretty old school, and not as interesting as it sounds.

There are some issues at Anal Pals. Hmmm... where to start? Let's start with the main member page. There are no dates of updates, not even for the feeds, so members don't know what's new in the site. The BONUS SITES listed on the right side of the page are all straight. There is a listing on the page that says EROTIC SEX STORIES that has no links to the story section. There are no games on the games page. The pics are small, not organized by category and use words like "fag" in the descriptions. Only one of the ezines - a straight ezine - works and the live house on the live page also doesn't work.

One other thing worth knowing about Anal Pals regards the membership options. I'm fairly certain that the trial is a limited trial that does not give full access to the site, and the trials rebills for $9.99 more than the cost of themonthly membership option.

Try as I might, I simply cannot find a reason for anyone to join Anal Pals. There are no self-hosted videos, the pic sets are older and the pics themselves are small. Most of the bonus sites are straight and the feeds aren't as good as most sites have these days. Add to that a non-working live house feed, non-working ezines and lackluster extra content. The best part of the site is the tour, which is professionally made and better organized and more attractive than the member area. If you're looking for gay porn, you might want to look elsewhere.

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