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For over seven years, Amateurs Do It has been giving regular guys from Australia the opportunity to fulfill their fantasies of making a porn video. The good news is that unlike a lot of so-called amateur sites, this one is packed with lots of never-before-seen guys and first-timers who come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We haven't visited the site in over two years, so let's head over for a fresh look.

The guys here are mostly Aussies from Sydney, but there are a few Europeans and the odd American in the ranks. The guys range from 20 to 40, and most sport slender or athletic bodies, a few a little more muscular than others, and there are some stocky men wearing a few extra pounds. Some of the amateurs are smooth, some are hairy - it's quite a nice mix. And in case you didn't know, Australian men tend to be uncut, so there's plenty of foreskin here. As one might expect with amateur content, some of the performers are average looking while others are quite handsome. Think of the site as a night out at the baths - not every guy is going to have the body, looks, or cock that turns you on, but there are heaps of guys to choose from. Most of the guys are white, but there are some men of color, mostly Asian guys, but a handful of black dudes, too. I quite enjoyed the variety of men here and many of the guys return for repeat performances.

When the site first started filming, they focused mainly on solo jerk-off videos, but for the past few years, the action has been more guy-on-guy sex including a decent number of threeways and group sex scenes with as many as seven guys. (There's only been one solo in the past eight videos). There's plenty of sucking and fucking including lots of kissing, blowjob action, rimming, anal sex (a mix of bareback and with condoms), and guys shooting their loads. Porn stars are great, but they often don't have the kind of sex the rest of us do – I can't remember the last time I was fucked while hanging off a ladder – so in this regard Amateurs Do It gives us real guys having hot and sweaty sex.

Amateurs Do It offers 548 DRM-free video updates, an increase of 209 videos over the past two years. The videos come in MP4 format, the newer ones sized at 1920x1080 and 1280x720 plus one smaller size; the older ones are offered at 640x480 plus one smaller size at 432x240. The videos are downloadable and should play on most mobiles. You can also stream the videos in MP4 format at 658x368 or 492x338, depending on the age of the production. The videos can also be enlarged to full screen, the newer ones faring best with older ones losing some picture quality. Fast-forwarding seems to work better now with only a brief second or two pause before the video begins to play again. Video quality varies, but overall I'd consider these to be decent to good amateur productions.

There are also 379 picture sets. Most sets contain digital stills sized at 682x1024, although the newer pics are available at 853x1280 or better, and I did run across a few sets of screencaps. The newer digital stills are good amateur quality, although some were just a tiny bit over-sharpened, while the older pic sets are amateur quality, some pics lacking sharpness and clarity. You can download the picture sets in zip files or save the pics individually, but there's no hands-free slideshows. While some of the galleries offer around 35 pics, many offer over 200 and some more than 400, and in these larger galleries there can be plenty of repetitious pictures.

There are some bonuses inside Amateurs Do It. Members get access to the site's mobile version as well as a variety of third-party feeds with over 3,400 videos in a variety of gay niches. And not really a bonus, but there's an Our Friends page that gives you discounted rates on a variety of other gay porn sites.

Now let's talk about site updates. The site updates weekly, although many updates are only a half of a full scene or sometimes a third. The solos are generally full scenes, but often with the action videos, in the first part the guys appear in a pre-sex interview then get into some foreplay and dick sucking; in the second part, we watch them fucking and cumming.

I didn't love everything about the site. Most of their hardcore suck and fuck scenes are broken into two parts and released as separate updates, and it can often be a week or two before both parts are available. Occasionally the site also updates with a behind-the-scenes video, which in my mind is a bonus rather than an update, however I haven't seen any of these so far this year. Also the older content quality could use some work and better lighting could improve some content. The site used to have a selection of erotic gay stories, but they have disappeared. And finally, at the bottom of the tour's homepage, there's a banner claiming you can join three sites for the price of one, but I didn't see bonus sites in the member area, so I'm not sure what's happening there.

Amateurs Do It has a nice variety from athletic guys in their early twenties to hairy daddies, most in good shape and some nicely muscled; most are sporting uncut cocks, which is great for foreskin fans like me. There's plenty of sucking and fucking, as well as threeways and group sex, and there's solo masturbation sessions, as well. The site offers 458 video updates, and while many of the updates are only part of a full scene, the videos are available to download and stream and should play on most mobiles. If you're into real amateurs and uncut cocks, I don't think you'll be disappointed with the guys and the action at Amateurs Do It.

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