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Amateur CFNM brings you clothed female with naked males in exclusive straight porn videos. This site contains amateur men of different body types, ethnic backgrounds, a mixture of facial hair and cleanly shaven faces, trimmed or shaven pubic hair, cut and uncut cocks in all sizes and shapes. The women here are sexy, but not in a porn star way; they're more like college girls, neighbors, co-workers - attractive blondes, brunettes and redheads - who love their men naked, hard and ready.

The site claims that these are user-submitted videos of dressed women in control and naked men being treated like boy toys, so the action is pretty hot, and it's exciting to see these guys busting their loads to the intense pleasure that they endure during each scene. Amateur CFNM action was limited to cock sucking, ball busting, dry humping, handjobs, and in-car blowjobs, but some fucking scenes have been making their way onto the site.

These are supposed to be amateur scenes filmed by members who submit them for consideration, and if the site likes them, they'll pay for them and publish them. As such, you're going to see scenes shot in the homes of these couples (bedroom, living room, spare room), but one scene featuring a blowjob in the car on the side of the road within the public eye and another is filmed in a doctor's exam room. Every scene here ends in a cumshot, and the guys bust their nuts when the pleasure becomes too much to handle.

One thing worth mentioning is that while the females are in full view, the males are usually only visible from the shoulders down. And if a man's face appears in the shot, it's pixelated in post production.

Amateur CFNM has grown since we first reviewed it three years ago. Back then they had 23 episodes; now they've grown to offer 104 videos, and the site adds a new scene every second Tuesday, so updates occur twice a month. The videos are DRM-free full scenes offered in MP4 format, the newest playing at three sizes between 854x480 to 1920x1080 and the oldest from 320x240 to 640x480, although there could be other sizes, especially in the older videos. The smaller videos should play on most newer mobiles with no problems. Each video is also available to stream. Quality is pretty good and lighting, while amateur, is pretty decent. Some scenes seem to run for just six minutes of playback while others approach 20 minutes, and I'd say they average about 14 minutes each. Finally, while these are full scenes, each episode is also available in three clips.

Each video comes with a set of screencaps sized at around 800x450, and while the lighting is sometimes amateur, overall quality is pretty good. The pictures can be viewed in galleries or enjoyed as hands-free slideshows, and you can download them in zip files, but saving them individually doesn't seem possible.

Amateur CFNM members get access to five more CFNM sites from the same network - Pure CFNM, Lady Voyeurs, Girls Abuse Guys, Hey Little Dick, and the newest one called CFNM Games. They also have a forum where you can interact with the female performers, other members, request scenes, or just chit chat. The forum isn't that busy, but there are some interesting fantasies and discussions.

There are a few caveats. One issue worth mentioning is that there's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a membership to an additional site while joining. Not only do the men not show their faces; they're also not listed in the models index nor are the male performers from the other sites. The model index, category list, and search results show results for the entire network; there's no way to get results for just this site. And a reminder that this site only updates biweekly, but some sites in the network do update weekly.

Amateur CFNM features straight nude males getting their cocks sucked and jerked in 104 exclusive scenes to download, stream and watch on your mobile, and each video comes with a matching picture set. The 104 exclusive vids can be downloaded, streamed and watched on newer mobiles; the playback options are good and the site updates twice each month. There are some great CFNM bonus sites included for members, too. For those who love watching naked amateur men being stroked, jerked and blowing their loads with clothed females, CFNM delivers the goods.

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