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I have to admit that AlternaDudes grabbed me right off the bat, I love seeing unconventional alternative types of guys - skaters, goths, emo boyz, punks and rockers with unique looks, wild hair or shaved heads, lots of body piercings and tattoos. AlternaDudes recently switched to a new management company, and even though we freshened up our review six months ago, we wanted to head back inside to see if there have been any major changes.

AlternaDudes is certainly not your run-of-the-mill gay porn site - most of the guys aren't shaved and perfect porn models, but then I wouldn't expect them to be. They represent underground, street and indie types from mohawked punks to tattooed skater dudes to androgynous goth guys and emo boys. Some of the performers here are straight but willing to go gay for pay while others are gay or bisexual, but all the guys seem to enjoy showing off in the videos.

Let's have a look at some of the guys. Giovanni is an 18-year-old bisexual bottom who's very twinkish with his smooth, slim body and Bieberesque hair. Jace is gay and 26 with face scruff and dark hair that's been tinted blue; he wears a sleeve of tats down one arm and a nipple ring. Murphy is a mid-twenties rocker with long hair and a beard, his body is slim and covered in ink, and he's sporting bushy pubes. Murdoc is a furry, gay hipster who only shaves every three or four days and he's wearing a toque. Derrick is 34, sports ink on both arms and wears a faux hawk. He's an aggressive top, and he's about the oldest guy on the site. Lorne is a heavily inked skinhead who loves dominating guys and he's nasty.

There are so many other types here, and while most of the physiques are slender or athletic, some are more muscular, and you'll find both smooth and hairy guys with trimmed or natural pubes. And while every guy isn't heavily inked or pierced, there are many who are. Most of the guys are amateurs or unknowns, but you'll find the odd porn star here like Christian Matthews, Adam Russo, Tristan Matthews, Alessandro Del Toro, Cliff Jensen and Kieron Knight.

When AlternaDudes opened in 2009 there were more solos than duos, but these days there are fewer masturbation scenes; only four of the latest 18 scenes are solo jerk-offs. A couple of the others feature only one guy, but he ends up blowing the cameraman, so it's not really a solo. There's lots of sucking and fucking, mostly in duos, but there's the odd threeway, too. A lot of the action is with condoms, but not exclusively so. Many of the scenes are servicing sessions with one guy blowing another and eating his cum, and many of the sessions feature rough sex or domination.

AlternaDudes has 279 exclusive videos that are downloadable in three MP4 versions, the largest sized at 1280x720 and available in two bitrates plus a smaller version for mobiles. While I'd say all the videos are good amateur quality, the newer ones have an edge when it comes to sharpness and clarity. There are also three qualities of streaming videos for those who prefer to watch rather than download, and these play at 980x554 and come with full-screen mode. The videos are DRM-free and are available as both full scenes and clips. Members get access to the mobile version of the site, which could be handy for those with iPhones, smaller tablets and Android phones, although my phone did fine on the regular version of the site.

Each video comes with two sets of pics - a set of screencaps and a set of digital stills. The digital stills are sized at around 768x1024; they're good amateur quality or better, show the guys off well, and some new sets are also available in zip files in two sizes. The screencaps are amateur to good quality, and the digital stills are good quality; all are offered in galleries with hands-free slideshows and downloadable zip files; you can save the pics individually, too, and there are picture-to-picture navigation tools.

Now let's talk about updates. There are only eight more videos than there were on our last review six months ago, and while the dated episodes seem to indicate they're updating weekly, the numbers just don't add up. While there are the eight new videos, what's likely for the rest of the recent updates is that they are mostly recycling content: Their "newest" release features a shaggy-haired guy named Aaron Cellar, and I found the exact same video on a tube site and dated 18 months ago.

There were a few other things I wasn't thrilled about. First is the pre-checked email offer on the join page - leave it ticked if you want to receive emails, untick it if you don't. Trial members can stream all the videos but you must be a full member for downloads. The member area says there's 305 full-length videos, but I only counted 279. The join page also lists "many other bonuses" inside, but I couldn't find any. Finally, the tour isn't terribly reflective of what you'll get inside, for instance, a "recent update" of a guy with a red mohawk is actually one of the oldest videos on the site. And some of the guys, frankly, aren't as alternative as others.

If you like rockers, emos, skaters, punks and other ALT and scene guys, it doesn't get much better than AlternaDudes. I loved the mostly amateur guys with a variety of indie looks with lots of tattoos, mohawks, piercings, wild hairstyles, lots of studs and spikes and plenty of hard cocks. The 279 videos are good amateur quality, DRM-free, and while the lighting isn't always perfect, the videos have a great vibe for the site - and they can be downloaded, streamed or viewed on your mobile. The site may begin adding more fresh updates now that they switched to a new management company, but for now go in expecting mostly recycled content but lots of hot alternative guys and you won't be disappointed.

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