Links to this site have been disabled for one or several reasons including: the site is no longer operating, many member complaints, bad billing practices, severe functional problems or a dispute with the site owner.

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Alpha Male Videos feature masculine straight guys, as well as a few who identify as bisexual. The performers are amateurs with slender to athletic or muscled bodies, most are smooth with untrimmed pubes and a few sport tattoos. Many of these regular-looking guys are wearing some face scruff or whiskers on their chins. Some of them are cute while others look like bad boys who are a definitely rough around the edges. The guys are mostly in their early twenties, but a couple are in their late twenties and I saw one guy who was 19 years old. The videos start off with the producer talking to the guys before they get down to business and this lets us get to know them even better.

Most of the videos on the site are solo jack-off sessions with the guys beating their meat and unloading their nuts after their interviews. But some of the newer videos feature guys getting sucked by the site's producer, and a few of them fuck him, as well. For the moment the production of the Alpha Male Videos content is a one-man show, so the sucking and fucking sessions are filmed with a stationary camera near the bed or chair; sometimes the action isn't centered in the frame and there are no cock-in-hole close-ups. Also the site's producer wears a balaclava-style mask so we never see his face, which is unfortunate because he has a nice butt and a talented pair of lips.

Alpha Male Videos recently re-launched with new management, so the 23 videos all say they were added within the last week. There are four more videos than there were just over four months ago, so either the site is updating once a month or updates were put on hold while moving to the new company. The videos are offered in MP4 format, the newer downloadable videos in four sizes with the largest sized at 1920x1080 and the older offered in three sizes, the largest at 1280x720 at below amateur to amateur quality. Streaming videos are also available, shown in a player sized at 936x530, and many of the vids are sized to fit it.

Each video comes with 30 or more pictures, and these are amateur quality digital stills (some could be screencaps). They display at around 683x1024 on the site, but some of the pics are cropped to odd other sizes. While the controls are a bit odd, the galleries have the normal features - downloadable zip files, slideshows, and picture-to-picture navigation, plus you can save individual pictures. Something you may want to know about is that all the zip files have the exact same name, so you'll overwrite the ones you've already downloaded if you don't rename the zips.

One of the more unusual things about this site is that the owner/producer accepts tips. You'll not only find a spot to send a tip from under every video and picture set; there's also a page called Spoil Me where tips are requested. The explanation is that they'll help him pay new guys to appear on the site.

The videos are amateur productions, which I don't mind, but better lighting and sound would take care of a number of quality issues. Also, the producer often turns the camera on its side so we have a portrait video instead of the standard letterbox style. I liked the interview portions because we get to know more about the guys, but the producer continues to talk and give direction through the jack-off portions. The pictures aren't the best quality, possibly due to the darkish room lighting. While the site used to offer lots of info about each guy, they've recently undergone some changes, and one was - disappointingly - to remove the bios and profiles.

Alpha Male Videos is doing a number of things right. The site's producer gives the site personality with the interview videos where he interacts with the guys, and the guys are obviously real amateurs and some have a thug vibe, which I liked. The performers are masculine and looked like men, if you see what I mean, with hairy armpits and unshaven pubes. I'm not sure how frequent updates will be now, but we'll check back. In the meantime, download speeds on this site have increased quite a bit, and membership is inexpensive, which is a real plus. Alpha Male Videos shows promise of becoming a good amateur site, and I look forward to reviewing the site in the future.