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Almost Female offers us the chance to check out some transsexual models who are so close to becoming fully female that they look, well, almost female. These performers are maybe more chick than dick, but they still have one rather important clue giving away the fact that they are also still part man. The tgirls here are varied in looks, with Latinas and white girls, some with long dark hair and others who are blonde, raunchy and definitely more feminine than not. There are trannies who are big busted babes with small cocks, while others are well hung below and petite on top.

The neat thing about shemale sites is that you get a chance to catch up on the guys as well as the trannies, and you've got more than your fair share of gay, straight, bi or curious and tranny-dipping hunks here. There are Latino guys who are dark and hung, cute and smooth European guys as well as your classic USA porn model types. They get down and dirty with their nearly-girls in hardcore scenes where she blows him, he blows her, she rides him, he fucks her, and then they all get in bed together and we have an orgy. There's a nice mix of solo tgirls stripping and posing, and there are couples and groups in action. You only have to think of a combination that's possible when there are two dicks, a nice pair of boobs and two asses, and the chances are it will be played out here.

There are 98 scenes inside Almost Female, and you find them by using a drop-down menu on the hub page. Movies are offered as Flash, WMV and MP4 streams at 720x480. You can also download each video in multiple three-minute MP4 clips that should play on most mobiles. These are average or low average quality movies that look okay at their original size, but there was pixelation when going full screen and some of the vids are a little grainy even at their smaller size. Others did work at the large size and the filming was of a decent amateur standard. There's no DRM in use and the scenes run between ten and 30 minutes each.

Each video comes with a set of pictures. These are average quality screencaps, so they're not always perfectly focused and the action can be blurred at times, but they do take you through the scene so you can see how it's all going to unfold. Each set held around 100 pics, navigation tools are basic, there are hands-free slideshows but there are no zip file downloads, although you can download each picture individually.

You do have a list of other sites that are included in your membership, but whether they count as bonuses or not depends on what you like to view. These are mainly straight sites, and there are some that are a bit on the quirky side, to say the least. You can view Glory Hole Boy for some rough and ready gay glory hole action with amateur guys, and you have access to Strap On Sessions for some hot girls dominating hot guys. And then you have things like Midget Bangers, and Electricity Play - no, honestly. This is all mixed up in a list that also contains a link to a streaming plug-in for loads more straight content, and another DVD area where there is a transsexual category.

Clearly I had a few issues with this site. For a start it is no longer updating, as there are the same amount of scenes here as there were in 2012. Then there's the quality of the scenes which is not horrendous, but then it's not sparkling either. As long as you don't need full screen on every video you will be fine. The videos are not exclusive as far as I can tell, and there's not a lot of info about them or the models. I did read that downloading may be restricted to 12 hours worth of video downloading per day, but considering the vids are all broken into clips, I doubt many people are going to manage to download that much.

Almost Female is a transsexual site with a sexy line-up of tgirls who are hot and nicely varied, there's a good set of strapping guys to check out in 98 hardcore videos which are mid-range quality, and there are a lot of bonus sites as long as you're up for some straight sex. The site clearly has some issues and it looks like the network behind it, the Stall, has indeed stalled in this particular case. It feels like a site that someone lost interest in. Still, if you're a collector then there might be some material inside Almost Female you've not seen before.

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