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All Star Bondage is an amateur bondage site where guys compete in a number of different challenges like two bound guys wrestling or playing Hangman or Marco Polo, for example. The loser undergoes the punishment round where he may be spanked or tickled while naked, tied and helpless, or even better, he may be teased by having his body and cock stroked but not being allowed to cum. While there's a lot of rope bondage here, I also saw sessions where handcuffs were used, and often the victims are gagged and occasionally blindfolded.

While the site is called All Star Bondage, the performers are amateurs, everyday guys in their twenties. They guys sport a mix of body types from slender to athletic, well built or beefy. They're average and cute, some have body hair and unshaven pubes, while others are smooth. While some of the models here have tattoos or face scruff, others are clean cut. All but two of the 44 guys are white.

There are 17 different types of bondage games that the guys play, so let me describe a couple of my favorites. Hangman is the classic word game with a twist; while trying to solve the word, the naked challenger gets a limb tied to the bed for each wrong guess. When he's completely tied to the bed (he's often gagged, too), his buddy then teases him with light touches and tickles, and sometimes he taunts the bound guy's cock. One amateur got head and then his buddy shot all over his face. In another scene two guys played against the house, so each time they guessed wrong, their left hands were tied together, then their left legs, and so on until they're naked and tied together on top of each other.

Marco Polo is just like the real-life game except in this version the guys are bound and the Polo guy is gagged, so the one yelling Marco has to follow his muffled sounds. Bondage Balloon has a couple of bound naked guys trying to keep a balloon floating in the air any way they can. And Coming in First are jerk-off contests with guys stroking with their bound hands. There are several games where guys are tied up and left writhing together on the floor; the object of the game is to get loose and the loser submits to the other in the punishment round.

And that punishment round often only involves one guy teasing another with light touches or tickles, but as I mentioned some punishment involves cock stroking, mutual jacking off, or blowjobs. That's not punishment! Well, sometimes a guy is edged and not allowed to cum, so there you go.

All Star Bondage currently offers 96 sessions, which is triple the number there were three years ago when we last reviewed the site. These full sessions are broken up into clips (anywhere from two to six parts), and the a clip is added as an update each Tuesday and Friday. Paul and Raliegh's King of Hill game started on May 20 and the sixth and final scene was added a month later, so it can take a while before all parts are available.

The latest 12 sessions are HD in MP4 format and play at 1290x720; the remaining videos are also MP4s but are offered at 640x480 or 854x480 depending on the age of the scene. The videos are fairly good amateur quality with sound so you can hear the guys panting and struggling to free themselves. You can either download the videos or watch them in an embedded player, which play at 854x480. These aren't true streaming videos, so you must wait for the video to fully download before you can fast-forward.

On the video summary page, each clip has a Play and Buy Download button, but this is a bit confusing. In reality, when you choose Play the ensuing page not only has the streaming version of each video, but there's a download link just below the player, and these don't cost members anything. The difference is the Buy Download link gives you the full session whereas the other links give you only the clips from each scene, and you have to download and watch each separately.

All Star Bondage doesn't offer pictures, and although each clip has a short description, there's no extended descriptions of the full scenes. There is a model index, which can come in handy if you find a particular guy and want to see more of his videos, but there's no information about the guys like profiles or background information.

The only real issues here are that the complete bondage sessions are broken into shorter clips, anywhere from two to six, and these aren't added one right after another. There are usually a couple of sessions updating concurrently, so it takes quite a while before all of the parts of a scene are added to the site. It's a bit annoying that members have to pay to download full scenes, but you can download all the clips from one of the scenes, then either join them or create a playlist on your computer.

All Star Bondage delivers well on their theme of amateur guys in bondage competitions and games. There's a masturbation competition (who can cum first as they jerk off with their hands in bondage), challenges to see who can get loose first, or even a competition to see who can keep a balloon in the air with their hands tied. Offering 96 full sessions broken into 387 updates, All Star Bondage has a unique concept and adds two clips each week. The scenes are fun, the site doesn't cost much to join, and with two updates weekly, you're getting pretty good value for your buck. If you like watching bound guys struggling, and having some fun doing it, these bondage games are a lot of fun and a turn-on, too.

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