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All Girl Massage features pretty female masseuses giving their clients relaxing rub-downs, and in this site all the clients are women. In fact, the performers here are pretty, sexy and feminine women in their twenties plus a few in their thirties. There's a good mix of types here - you'll find girls with small, perky tits, others with big, soft breasts and some with big enhanced boobs; some of the models have a sweet, natural look and others are made up to look super sexy. There are a few stars here who are tattooed - some with a small tattoo, a few with larger, alternative tats. Most of the girls are playful, and many are porn stars and performers who do straight guy/girl porn videos, but they have their lesbian sides, too, and this is a place where they let it loose.

The videos do start with massages. Sometimes the scenario is a student masseuse, sometimes a woman needs a relaxing rub-down, and sometimes it might even be several student masseuses practicing or a massage class test. The videos start off as one of the girls lets her hands relax the other, rubbing and stroking her back and neck, but when she has her client or fellow massage student turn over, that's when things get interesting. You can expect breast play, kissing and teasing, clit and pussy massages, face riding, not to mention pussy eating (sometimes in very interesting positions); there are indoor scenes as well as some very nice outdoor scenes.

All Girl Massage currently lists 288 videos, but while some of these are sexy full scenes, others are interviews with the performers or behind-the-scenes vids. The site updates once a week, and when a video has interviews or BTS clips, all are added on the same day. The videos are DRM-free, and they're available in seven sizes, the largest of which is offered in full HD at 1920x1080, but there's are two smaller HD versions and the even smaller versions should work for pretty much any mobile that plays MP4s. The videos are downloadable, good quality, and there are also streaming versions available at the same qualities. Sound and production values are good, and the videos are a pleasure to watch.

Each of the videos - including the behind-the-scenes and interview videos - comes with a set of pics. The actual scenes come with sets of very good quality digital stills that are sized nice and large at 1280x1920. There are tools to enjoy the digital stills; you can size them larger or smaller online or navigate pic to pic; they can be individually downloaded or entire sets can be saved as zip files. The screencaps that come with the interviews and BTS videos are actually pretty good quality, also, and are sized at 1280x720. They aren't available in zip files, but you can save them individually.

All Girl Massage is part of the Fantasy Massage network, and while All Girl Massage is the only lesbian sex site, all the sites are massage-themed. There's Soapy Massage, Nuru Massage, Milking Table, Massage Parlor, Tricky Spa and Fantasy Massage Pilots. You'll find the same kind of slender, sexy porn babes giving guys rubdowns and more, and all the videos have happy endings. There's also a network-wide forum where you can talk about the sites, request models and fantasy scenarios, and this network does sometimes produce member-requested videos. There's also a link to the network blog, but if you click the posts, you'll find yourself taken to the network tour.

Nothing in life is perfect, so it's no surprise that this site has some issues. First off, there's a pre-checked offer on the sign-up page that, if left checked, will sign you up for a membership to another site when you join this one; luckily it's easy to uncheck. Trial members get limited access - while it's not on the site terms, I believe trial memberships let you stream but not download the videos. Next, members are automatically signed up for the email list when they join the site, and there's no way to opt out while joining. When exiting from the sign-up to the join page, I sometimes got a pop-up, but it was easy enough to close.

All Girl Massage offers full service massages by female masseuses to female clients. We get to watch girls get rubbed and massaged, then teased, stroked, licked and satisfied in professionally lit and shot videos and pics. There are 288 videos that can be downloaded, streamed or viewed on your mobile, although not all the videos are scenes; some are interviews and behind-the-scenes clips. Each video comes with a set of pics, and the site updates with a new scene every week, and members get access to six additional massage sites (all guy/girl). What I really like most at All Girl Massage are the fun, sexy babes and the chemistry between the performers.

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