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The men of All American Military are handsome and athletic, most with 6-pack abs and chiseled physiques. I noticed from the first glance that these amateur soldiers here seem hornier than your average amateur or gay-for-pay performer. The site says the guys are straight, and maybe they are, but I've rarely seen dudes doing porn who seemed to eager to get sucked by a guy or suck cock. And these aren't the unenthusiastic blowjobs I see on a lot of straight go gay sites, either - these guys seem to really want hard dick in their mouths or their asses.

The All American Military tour says that many of their videos are exclusive, and some are unedited, so we can see is the action as the guys got into it, rather than as the scenes were edited to be. Some of the men did their first shoots here before going on to careers in porn. And perhaps most interesting, the site says that some of the models here were involved in military media scandals.

The 86 videos here are offered in streaming ASX, which is an older Windows format sort of like WMV. The vids' actual size is 480x360 with bitrates between 1.32 Mbps and 1.62 Mbps at good amateur quality. The catch is that the videos are shown in a tiny player, but you can expand them to full screen, although expect a noticeable loss of quality. Videos are not offered for download, and for the most part only the newer vids are offered as full scenes - most vids are offered in 2 or more clips - but the videos are DRM-free.

The All American Military pic section is called Classified Photo Files. It's a slideshow that changes from one photo to the next every 10 seconds - members can't control the speed - and there's no gallery where you can see thumbs to choose which pics you're shown. Photos are amateur or screencap quality, shown at around 600x460. There's no mention of what personal ad site or sites these photos came from, of who the guys are, and there's no contact info. There's also no mention of whether these guys are actually military men. And btw, sometimes pics repeat during the slideshow.

Navigation here is a bit odd, as almost every page opens in a new window. I couldn't find dates on the content, nor any mention of update schedule, although the site does seem to update judging by the text. Here's something you might want to know. The tour says that the site is only compatible with Internet Explorer, and they feel it's iffy whether the videos will play for Mac users. I was able to play the videos in Firefox, and by right clicking on the videos, was able to enlarge them to full screen.

All American Military may have its quirks, but there's no denying the heat of their models. These amateur military guys are well-built, athletic and man, are they horny! The site currently offers 86 videos, including both solo jerkoffs and man-on-man hardcore action, but the site hasn't updated in around 3 weeks, and I'm not sure when or how often new content is added. While the videos aren't downloadable, they are DRM-free. Most important, there's plenty of real heat in these videos. If you're looking for real amateur soldiers jerking off, sucking cock and fucking, All American Military is worth a visit.

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