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All-American Heroes is all about men in uniform. The guys on the site are real soldiers, cops, Marines, firemen, sailors, airmen, and lifeguards, with the occasional civilian thrown into the mix. Most of the models look like they have just walked in right after duty, and they're obviously are the real deal. They're mostly white and Latino amateurs in their twenties and thirties. Most of them are good-looking guys with fit, athletic bodies, while some are a bit more beefy and muscular. Also, expect a lot of tough-looking guys with tattoos on their bodies and shaved heads or buzz cuts. At the beginning of many of the videos, the guy or guys wear their uniforms, which adds a nice touch.

The action varies from men jerking off to hardcore duos with some occasional threesomes. The scenes start with a little interview or in the duos the guys may talk with each other, and the interviews usually start off with something about their service or uniforms. Then things get going as the guys begin to touch themselves, reaching into their pants to stroke their dicks or stripping off their uniforms before they lie back and jerk off, or in the cases of the duos, they begin touching each other. The hardcore scenes include a lot of cock sucking, rough ass fucking, and some wet and messy facials. Quite a lot of guys are straight and you are witnessing their first gay experience ever.

All-American Heroes currently offers about 532 exclusive videos, and the reason I can't give an exact number of episodes is that the site has two members areas that don't contain the exact same content. You land on the classic members area by default, then follow a link to the new members area. You may want to go back and forth, as the classic members area has older videos, many of which aren't offered in the newer section, and the newer members area has over a year and a half of newer videos that aren't listed in the classic version. There are videos offered in both members areas, to confuse the situation further.

All but the oldest videos can be downloaded in MP4 and WMV format. Both play at the same size - the newer at 1280x720 and the rest at 640x360, and you can play them in full screen. The oldest vids are smaller and are available in WMV and Real formats There are no smaller mobile-optimized videos available, but the regular MP4s work fine on most mobile devices, although the new, HD versions may only play on newer mobiles. All videos can also be watched in an online player at a size of 620x350. The videos are good amateur quality and you can enlarge them to play in full-screen mode without losing too much quality. The videos are DRM-free, which means downloaded videos will play for Mac and Linux users, and will still work even after your membership has expired.

Each video comes with a juicy description and a set of pics. The images of the older scenes are digital stills shown at 600x450 and these are good amateur quality. For the newer scenes, All-American Heroes provides screencaps at a size of 800x450. While the screencaps are of lower quality, they are still pretty good - most are sharp and clear - and show the action well. When you click on a thumbnail in a gallery, a full size image pops up in a separate screen. You can choose to save individual images or download an entire set in a zip file.

All-American Heroes members get access to a bonus site, Naked Marine, which contains 36 scenes of straight military men in solo and hardcore action. This site has not been updated since April 2012, but the content makes the videos well worth watching. There's a link that says free webcams, but it actually takes you to third-party webcam site which only gives access to some basic features for free. Members must purchase credits for action or full nudity.

The site does have a few issues. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that will sign you up for a membership to a second site if left checked. There's also a pre-checked email offer on the join page. There are quite a lot of banner advertisements for other membership sites inside the members area, but you can choose to ignore those; one is harder to ignore, as it's on every episode page in the new members area, and is located above the links to the videos and is the same size and shape. Some of the oldest Real videos won't play, but since the oldest WMVs do play, it's not really an issue.

And then there's the updates. Although the site shows weekly updates, it hasn't grown all that much since our last visit. Since I'm only checking the new members area, and there are only four videos added in the last 10 months, it appears the site may be recycling updates. It's also worth mentioning again that the oldest videos are only available in the classic version of the site, while the newest videos are only available in the new version. That means if you want to see everything All-American Heroes has to offer, you can expect to be going back and forth between the site versions.

All-American Heroes brings you hot men in uniform engaged in solo and hardcore gay sex videos with matching photo sets. The guys are real amateurs - cops, army men, firefighters, lifeguards, navy men, and Marines. The action is hot, and for many guys on the site this has been their first gay experience. Offering over 500 exclusive episodes, each with pics and videos, there's a lot to like here. Yes, the updates may mostly be recycled and the navigation can be challenging, but if you're into real soldiers and men in uniform in action - jerking off, sucking cock or fucking asses - then I would suggest you to have a look at All-American Heroes, as it's one of the best places to see real amateur men in uniform.

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