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Alain Lamas is confident and cocky, but he's allowed - he's got a gorgeous muscular body. He's a Miami-based personal trainer, he's 24 years old and he likes showing off all his hard work in the gym. He also isn't shy about sharing his cock or private jack-off sessions, and he's got a deliciously meaty uncut dick. And in case you're into stats, he's sporting 19-inch biceps, a 47-inch chest and his waist is 31.5 inches. I wish he had provided full body stats because his thighs are massive - I love those a lot - and he's got a fantastic butt complete with a very, very furry ass crack.

First and foremost, Lamas' videos are about him showing off his spectacular body and you worshipping it. So he pumps and poses and talks in very macho tones, asking if you like it and if you want to see more. But not every video is simply Lamas flexing and spewing testosterone. One video I watched had him talking dirty while he fingers his ass and jacks his big cock. In another he flexes and exercises on a beach with dance music overlaid on the video. He showers and gets dressed in another movie. And a fourth is an outdoor jack-off session with Alain sitting on a lounge chair giving us a good view of his hairy ass crack while he strokes off. And in the final one, a girl plays with Alain's cock and gives him a blowjob.

Lamas also does a weekly live webcam show for his members (every Friday night at 10 p.m. EST), and their titles pretty much say it all: Thrusting on Bed, Throng Strip Tease, Horny in Shower, Dress to Undress, Worship My Feet, Hot & Nasty Stroking, and Bouncing My Balls Till I Bust. What I liked about his live shows is that he often highlights a specific body part like his ass, thighs or balls so we can fully appreciate them. They're not always completely sexual; sometimes he works out, in one he actually crushes an apple with his bicep. And Lamas offers private Skype shows at an extra cost, but members do get a discount.

There are 47 videos inside Alain Lamas, and you can download these in MP4 format. Older videos play at 710x480 and newer ones at 1280x720, and the picture quality gets better with as the vids get newer. These are homemade videos and are a mix of stationary and handheld shoots. Most of the videos are filmed indoors in Lamas' home, but there are a few outdoor shoots, too. Lamas has a weekly live cam show that he archives and there are 128 of those offered in MP4 format as well, but the older quarter of these are in Flash, and they're offered in similar sizes to his regular movies. Again, the older ones aren't as crisp, but I found the newest quite bright and colorful.

There are 52 picture galleries featuring either very good screencaps or digital stills. They are displayed in thumbnail galleries with 100 to 250+ pictures each and sizes range from 530x800 to 680x1020 depending on the age of the set. A hands-free slideshow is available, but there's no downloadable zip, nor can you save the pictures individually.

The videos are numbered sequentially but they're not dated, so members can't tell how often the site updates. That being said, the site has added 1 video and 4 archived live shows in the past month. And there's certainly loads of stuff to watch during your 30-day or more membership, and we'll check back in a couple weeks and let you know what we find.

There are some other issues too. The site has disabled right-click functionality so you can't save pictures; this also affects downloading of the videos, which is something you're allowed to do. Each video's page has a "download" button that opens a new page where it starts playing a second copy of the video. and then you can right-click (it's allowed on these pages) and select "save video as."

There are a few extras in the "Fan Area." You can download desktop wallpaper and screensavers. There's also a discussion forum, but it's not very busy yet, and so far Lamas' blog only has one post.

Alain Lamas has a gorgeous body with huge rolling shoulders and massive biceps. At different times, his body has been shown off shaved clean and at others natural with patches of fur on his chest and six pack. I'm a legs and butt guy, so his round butt and gargantuan thighs get me revved up, and his very hairy ass crack sends me over the edge. And with a meaty uncut cock, there's just so much to like about Alain. He puts thought and effort into his live shows, so that while there's a lot of the same posturing and posing, there's variety as well. A lot of solo guy sites are a disappointment, but Alain Lamas was a pleasant and titillating surprise.

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