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Adam Russo is a sexy, masculine man with a bald head and strong, hairy body. He's a man's man and he's completely versatile, sucking dick as much as he gets head and both fucking and getting fucked. Adam Russo XXX is his brand new site where you can see him playing with many of his gay pornstar friends like Adam Herst, Jessie Colter, Shay Michaels, Conner Habib, Mitch Vaughn, and even Michael Brandon seems to be making a comeback here - it's nice to see Brandon's monster cock again.

To be honest, I think I have heard of Adam Russo before I was assigned this review, but I couldn't immediately place his face. So it was nice to get a full introduction to this sexy stud. I was impressed with both the line-up of men on the site and I found the sex to be pretty hot to watch. Most of the episodes here feature Adam Russo with another gay pornstar, but his site has videos where he doesn't appear in the action. I think this is a good thing because while Russo is a hot man, some variety is also nice to see.

Adam Russo XXX launched in 2012 with 22 videos and 25 photo sets, and while this offering is a little lean, the site hasn't updated in over 2 years. The videos are available in streaming MP4 only; they aren't offered for download. The videos play in a Flow Player and display at 640x360. They're fairly clear and easy to watch and they are fairly well lit, but they're not over produced like big corporate porn. Essentially the videos come across as good quality amateur porn videos and they run between 20 and 25 minutes each.

I did run across a few scenes that were available for download in MP4 format, but I couldn't access them. When I asked the site about it, they said they were working on adding downloadable videos, but they were having problem with the script that managed them. So it seems like Adam Russo XXX will have movies for members to download, but it's taking them a bit of time to work out the bugs.

Most of the episodes also come with a gallery of screen capture photos, but there are also a few updates that feature digital stills only (no videos). They're small, displaying at 640x360 and you can view them in a slider, but there's no hands-free slideshow. You can't right-click save the photos, nor are they available in zip downloads.

This site has a few issues we should talk about. First, it's a small site and, as I already mentioned, has not updated in quite a while. Videos aren't available for download, nor is there any way to save the photos. Next, I found the site's navigation clunky. This gay porn site uses Wordpress to manage both the member's area and the free tour. While Wordpress is a great content management xystem (CMS) for blogs, I don't find it particularly well suited for porn site member areas. The site is also missing the typical "pictures" and "videos" options on the top-of-site navigation, so I found myself clicking around and around and sort of feeling lost.

Likewise, the site has some extras like a blog where I saw some interviews with some of Adam's pornstar friends, like Allen Silver and Will Swagger, but neither of those interviews played for me; others did play fine. Russo is also featuring some behind-the-scenes videos, but at the moment there is only one. The site mixes its photo and video updates together in one place, which I didn't really like.

Adam Russo is a hot man who's enthusiastic and vocal in his sex scenes, making them a huge turn-on to watch. He offers a variety of activities like sucking, fucking, rimming, dildo play, piss, daddy-boy sex, and like I said, sometimes he tops, sometimes he bottoms. Essentially Adam Russo XXX has all the elements of a great porn site except for the lack of updates and non-downloadable videos. And that's especially disappointing since Mr. Russo IS sexy and his content was so hot.

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