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About My Boys offers up fresh European amateur twinks from countries such as Germany, France, Norway, Denmark, and Holland. Each guy is aged between 18 and 23 and the site tells us they are "from the street" guys. The model line-up is a nice mix of mainly white boys, with some Mediterranean and Arabic looking men, too. You'll find blue-eyed, blond, uncut northern Europeans mixed in with darker and cut southern guys, some slender, cute models and some hung and more masculine jocks. The models tend to be slim, fresh-faced and varied in looks, and are found in clubs and bars, on the street and anywhere you'll find guys who are looking to make a few bucks by posing naked for cameras.

As the guys are a mixed bunch, so is the action. It's mainly solo posing, interviews, and jerk offs, but there are some hardcore scenes included, too. Some of the guys say hello and introduce themselves in their native languages, and then proceed to tease you with a slow strip, stroking their large cocks through their underwear before revealing all. Others stretch and pose, getting into all kinds of positions, including self toe sucking, while the camera moves around and you get a full body tour. Others get down to some man-on-man cock sucking and butt ramming, there are mutual masturbation scenes plus a little amateur bondage, and the videos end with a cumshot. A lot of filming takes place indoors, though there are some outdoors shoots, as well; either way you get to see a lot of naked European twink flesh.

Although not all of the models speak English, and there are no subtitles and very little information, you do get a kind of connection when you watch them, especially the solos. I don't understand Czech but I got the impression that guys like Honza were friendly and cheerful as he told us a bit about himself before showing us what he had in his pants. There are other guys who I did understand; they come across as cheeky, cute or sometimes a bit straight and nervous, but that adds to the atmosphere and the intimacy of the solo scenes. The guys also give you a cheery, sometimes cheeky, wave goodbye when they've finished with their jerk off. Some of the duo scenes were a bit lackluster - two guys jerking off beside each other in the dunes at Gran Canaria, for example - but still, a good opportunity to view some smooth Euro twinks.

About My Boys has 101 exclusive videos. The videos are offered for download, the newer in WMV format sized at 1280x720, with sharp and clear visuals, and the older are AVIs sized at 720x394 at somewhat lower quality. The videos have natural sound and are shot with hand-held cameras with decent lighting; most vids run from seven to 10 minutes, and there are no streaming or mobile versions offered. One odd note is that the videos are packed in zip files, so you must unzip them before you can watch them.

There are also 180 photo sets. The pics are stills sized at 1000x1500, the newer pics at good quality and the older at decent amateur quality. Like the videos, you have a mix of solo strips, mutual masturbation and some duos in hardcore scenes. There are between 50 and 300 pics per set. You can save the pic sets in zip files, but they all have the same name, so you'll need to rename them, otherwise each time you download a set you'll overwrite the previous one you saved.

There are no bonuses at this site, and no model index, either and so the only info you get about the guys is what they tell you, and that's usually only, "Hi, my name is Frank, I am eighteen." You will see a link to "Gold Club" and this opens in a new tab and tells you about an extra sign up deal that includes access to Boys Storm for a year (for a pricey $260!). It's described as a bonus but it's not as you have to pay for it.

There are some more issues with the site. There is no update schedule or dates on the content, but no content has been added in the past month, so it's probably safe to say that this site doesn't update. There's more information about the "password rules" than there is about the content, guys, or site. Something else I found disconcerting is that when you click a thumbs in a picture gallery, the larger pics open in new tabs - you can end up with lots of tabs open if you're not careful.

The main reason for hanging out at About My Boys is, of course, to see the site's cute and often very good-looking, amateur, European twinks. It would be great to be able to filter them by county, to have some search options and to know more about them. Really, all the site offers is their exclusive images and videos, but then that's what we're here for. The site offers 101 downloadable videos and 180 photo sets, but sadly has stopped updating. Considering the site is called "About My Boys" you don't actually get to find out anything about his boys, which is a shame. But if you're collecting galleries and vids of hot amateur 18 to 23-year-olds who are varied and a little bit dreamy, then you've hit on a site with plenty of smooth, slender twinks that will probably appeal.

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