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Bobby Garcia has a fetish for military studs, so it's no coincidence that he lives close to the Marine base at Camp Pendleton. It's well know among the Marines there that Bobby loves giving head, so hundreds of them have shown up at Garcia's apartment to get serviced or jack off in his amateur videos. AWOL Marines has been around for quite a while, but we haven't been inside for three years, so it's time to take another look at these horny Marines getting off.

Most of the guys here are straight and obviously not pornstars. They're in shape with bodies varying from lean and athletic to muscular and beefy. There are plenty of tattooed chests, arms and shoulders, although for the most part the guys are pretty clean-cut, which is what you'd expect from American soldiers. Many of the guys are from around 19 to their early twenties, and you'll find guys with smooth bodies and others who are hairy. Most of the guys show up in their civilian clothes, so we really have to take the site's word that these are Marines. But with short hair, most of them look the part.

Most of the action here is solo, with the guys sitting on a couch or lying back on a bed watching porn and jerking their dicks. Some of the guys kick back with a buddy or another Marine they're meeting for the first time and they stroke their cocks together. Many of the guys drink a beer to relax as they get naked and play with their dicks. Beyond that, anything can happen. Garcia often gives the guys handjobs or blowjobs, but I've seen him fuck several with a dildo. In addition, Bobby gets his ass fucked more than a few times. And some of the more adventurous Marines suck dick themselves, probably some for their first time. I saw a few scenes with a couple of guys sharing a girl, and one video has four naked Marines sitting on a couch while a girl sucks each of their cocks. But these are few and far between.

AWOL Marines doesn't organize their videos in a way that I could easily count, but you access the videos by month at a time through a dropdown menu. With 23 months and an average of 30 videos a month, there are approximately 700 videos here. When we reviewed the site back in 2013, there were archived videos dating back to 2009 and before, but now the videos are only dated from June 2015 to May 2016.

You can stream the videos in a Flash player, and they're sized at 612x470, but seem to be enlarged versions from originals that are actually sized at 320x240. They're not the greatest quality, but they're not horrible either, although I wouldn't bother trying to enlarge them to full screen. The videos are amateur quality, which adds a gritty feel to the action, and sometimes we have to wait for Garcia to adjust the stationary camera or run back and forth between the camera and the cock he's sucking. Sometimes the videos paused to buffer while other times they streamed with no breaks. But in my opinion, all of this adds to the realness of the sessions.

There are 18 picture galleries, and each has multiple pages with pictures sized at around 480x721 at amateur quality. There are no slideshows, no downloadable zip files, and each gallery isn't from a single shoot but has pics of multiple guys from different shoots. You can save the pictures individually.

There are some issues with AWOL Marines. First is the question of whether the site is really adding new content or simply recycling older content. The site hasn't grown at all since our last review three years ago, in fact, there may be fewer videos. And as I mentioned, there were movies from 2009 in the archives back in 2013, but now there are just scenes dated from June 2014 forward. And while every video is dated, and thus suggesting daily updates, I believe we're seeing older scenes being re-dated to appear as new.

Does the site have any other issues? There's a pre-checked offer on the join page and no way to access the mobile version of the site, and the "special pricing" on the join page is the regular price. The tour says there are 3,200 archived scenes, but this isn't true. And the XXX Theater link in the members area leads you to a pay-per-view theater that costs you extra money. There is a Bonus Content section with 276 videos that wouldn't play for me or for another reviewer; in any event they are apparently short preview clips that require extra money to watch the full scene. The site's video quality isn't the best. And don't forget, this is a streaming site, so there aren't any downloads.

AWOL Marines delivers horny amateur Marines in around 700 videos. The amateur quality of the videos is perfect for the underground vibe of the site, although the vids are not offered for download, and I did run into some buffering problems from time to time. I enjoyed watching these military studs jacking off in solos or side-by-side sessions with buddies, and there was plenty of blowjob action, even some anal sex. AWOL Marines feels authentic with what appears to be real military guys, even if the site does stretch the truth on updates and their inventory. But 700 videos will give you plenty to watch and enjoy during your membership.

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