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429 Videos is a gay porn network consisting of content from 23 sites in niches from twinks to BDSM, black studs to public sex and nudity. You'll find Asian guys, Latinos, hairy men, emo boyz, guys with smooth bodies and lots of amateur types. If variety is your thing, you'll find it here: there are muscled hunks with hard cocks, slender guys with hot asses, and chubby men in the mix along with some seriously hot guys, average Joe types, and everything in between. While there are a lot more performers in their twenties and early thirties, there's now a site dedicated to daddies, as well. And when it comes to cock sizes, you'll find every size you can imagine from guys who were hung on the small side of average to big fat dicks; there were lots of cut cocks and some uncut ones, as well.

You'll find a wide variety of action here. There's plenty of solos including some that are recorded live cam shows or shot at home, as well as some jack-off sessions taken from older DVDs. You'll find some Fleshjack action in the solos, and plenty of ass shots. There are also homemade duo videos and some recorded cam shows of guys sucking each others' cocks and fucking, as well as some kissing and rimming. There's the occasional threesome, some kink, guys who suck their own dicks, and some interracial action as well, and there's plenty of barebacking here. As with the solos, there are also many hardcore scenes taken from commercially-released DVDs from the late '90s and early 2000s and some amateur action, too.

429 Videos offers members 6,922 videos, 933 more than there were just over a year ago, and update dates show that at least five, but lately eight or more, videos are added each week. They're not always added on the same days, and sometimes more than one video is added on the same day, but each week offers a good amount of updates. The videos are not listed with the newest first, so if you want to see the latest updates, go to the left side of the page and click "Newest".

The videos are DRM-free MP4s, and each video is offered for download in a single size, most around 640x480 or 720x480 but some are offered at smaller sizes. These are mostly average quality, although some were higher quality and some of the oldest at lower. The vids are compatible with most mobiles, and can also be streamed, although the smaller videos lose some quality in the player, which stretches them out to a larger size, and even the larger videos lose some quality when enlarged to full screen.

The site also has 1,961 picture sets, 412 more than there were just over a year ago. Some galleries - including most of the older galleries - contain a single series of pics of a single person or duo, and many of these are professionally shot. Most of the newer galleries contain selfies and self-shot pics of a mix of different guys. Newer pics are often digital stills in a variety of sizes including 375x500 and 470x651, although the smaller pics are stretched to fit the page so they appear lower in quality than they actually are. The oldest picture sets are sized at 800x600 at average or just below average quality, and some seem to be screencaps. Downloadable zip files are available and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate from pic to pic easily and pictures can be saved individually.

Now let's go through the issues. There's a pre-checked offer (called a cross sale) on the billing that, if left checked, will sign you up for a second site membership. Trial members get only limited access to what the site has to offer, and trial memberships recur at $12 more per month than the cost of the monthly membership. There are lots of ads in the member area, often large and animated to catch the eye, and if you pause the videos you'll even find a pop-over ad appears in the player till you push play again. Download speeds are lackluster, and some of the videos here are on the small side and quality is average - even the largest vids I downloaded were only standard def.

One of the main issues has to do with the site claims. The tour shows lots of great-looking guys in sharp, clear photos that say DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO underneath; none of the guys in these pics appear in the member area videos - they're just there to make you buy a membership - and you won't find the high image quality in the videos, either. A lot of the guys in the tour photos also have dicks that were doctored to make them bigger - sometimes impossibly large - and you won't find those in the movies either. And while most of the sites in the network claim to offer boyfriend and ex-boyfriend videos, many of the videos here are taken from DVDs and live cam shows, so they're not actually boyfriend videos, although there are some vids that were shot at home, as well.

One last thing I wanted to mention is that this network periodically adds new sites; in fact, they just added several. Not only does adding the new sites increase the overall number of videos, but it often means larger collections of certain porn categories. The newest sites brought more videos of daddies, interracial porn and uncut cocks to the network.

429 Videos offers a huge collection of non-exclusive videos in many categories of gay porn that feature all sorts of guys - twinks, bears, hunks, daddies, jocks and plenty of amateur types. With 6,922 DRM-free videos to download, stream or watch on your mobile, and at least currently eight or nine videos being added per week, there's enough to keep members very busy as long as they're not looking for high-quality or exclusive content. And then there's the 1,961 picture sets where you'll find a good variety of guys including plenty of cock pics and selfies. Sure, the content is mostly not actual BF content and isn't what's shown on the tour, but if you prefer quantity and variety over quality, then 429 Videos might have just what you're looking for.

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