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3D Gay World takes us to a 3D fantasy world where absolutely anything is possible. The site has been delivering computer rendered art and some cartoon-style drawings since early 2006 and has built up an impressive collection of hot gay toon art. Most of the toons here have not been drawn, but were rendered on the computer, and I must say that I am impressed by how well detailed the graphics are. I'm a comic book geek and I like this site. It's been three years since our last review, so let's see what's happening.

The majority of the characters are between 20 and 40 years old with muscular bodies and are sporting average to extra-large cocks, although there are some twinks, as well. Some of the guys are smooth, while others have lots of body hair. Most of the updates are hardcore duos and threesomes, but there is some group-sex action, too. The sex includes deep throat cock sucking, hard ass fucking, double penetration, bondage, facials, and of course a lot of weird action such as aliens getting fucked and mermen sucking dick. The action is quite entertaining.

One of the toons I enjoyed was called "Jack and the Beanstalk - the Uncensored Gay Version". It features the fairy tale as we all know it, except the man who gives Jack the magical beans also gives him a cum facial, and when Jack arrives home without any gold for the cow his father spanks him. The next morning Jack climbs the beanstalk, finds a hot ginger lad in a cage on the giant's table and quickly learns that the captive can shoot gold coins out of his butt. Then they hear the giant coming: "Fee fi, fo frick! I smell the dick of an English prick!" After the singing harp puts the giant to sleep with a lullaby, Jack climbs up the naked giant and steals the key hanging around his neck. Noticing the giant's big cock, Jack stops to see how big it gets. He strokes it, which wakes the giant up, but while the giant shoots his massive load, Jack and the ginger lad make their escape towards the beanstalk. I won't ruin the ending, but it's fun.

There are a variety of scenarios here. One comic features hunks getting off at the gym, others have superheros fucking or getting fucked by the villains, and you'll also find guys having sex at the office. Many of the comics are multi-part series like "The Highway" with lovers Henry and Klaus on a sexual road trip through Italy, "Romeo and Giulian" follows the escapades of a pair of lovers in 14th century Europe, and "Captain Skull" is a episodic about the most deceitful pirate sailing the seas who fucks everyone he meets. There are heaps of creative and fun series with horny cowboys in hardcore threesome action, drag queens from outer space, a funny story about Santa Claus with a monster cock, guys getting fucked by giants, horny fairytale characters, amusing naughty tales from the ancient Roman Empire, a guy with three cocks and much more.

3D Gay World offers 323 comic book updates, each update with multiple pages. Each comic follows standard comic book format with a graphic panel and speech bubbles, however rather than displaying in traditional comic book fashion, these play out in thumbnail galleries. Each panel is sized at 1000x700 (newer) or 775x609 (older) and clicking each thumb gives you an enlarged version so you can enjoy the comic pages larger and read the speech bubbles. There are forward and back buttons to help you navigate through the story.

New to the site is a Video feature with each comic, but these aren't really videos - they're basically a hands-free slideshow that displays the enlarged panels one at a time. You can pause them if you need extra time to read the dialogue. I didn't count these as videos because they're aren't really, although you can download them. In the thumbnail galleries you can save any panel individually, but there's no downloadable zip giving you the entire toon of that hands-free show I just described.

3D Gay World has added a new feature. There are 11 computer-rendered videos added since our last update three years ago and these are in WMV format. The downloads play at 960x520 and stream at 720x540. These are good quality and they fare well in full-screen mode. They started adding videos late in 2015 and added three videos that year and they updated with eight this year; the last was added in October 2016 and there hasn't been one since (I'm reviewing this is December). And the videos played fine on my mobile phone.

While this site is all about horny toons and computer-rendered gay porn, members do get access to 170 bonus picture sets with an average of 50 to 60 pictures per set. These are normal non-exclusive photographs shown at a size of 472x728. The guys in the bonus galleries are mostly twinks and hunks, as well as some more mature guys, and most are solo photo shoots. The bonus galleries do not update.

3D Gay World is a nice site without any serious issues. Downloadable zip files in the toon section would make the site a little better, although there is the hands-free slideshow that can be downloaded in WMV format. While the panels displayed fine on my cell phone, I wear reading glasses and needed to enlarge each frame to read the speech bubble and this made it a bit cumbersome. However, I never look at porn on my phone (phones are made for talking and texting, right?) so it didn't bother me. And the bonus photo galleries have not been updated in a long time, but they're real pictures anyway.

One last thing I wanted to mention. The site only has a small and very dated looking tour that isn't very indicative of what you'll find inside the member area, so don't let that deter you - it's what inside that counts.

For those into gay cartoons and computer rendered 3D art, 3D Gay World offers lots of creative, sexy and fun stories played out in quasi-comic book format. With lots of hot and muscular guys sporting big dicks, there's a lot of horny content here. The site updates with a new and well-made cartoon adventure three to four times a month and has added videos and hands-free slideshows in the toon section. All the updates are exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. Fans of cartoon sex like me will be pleasantly surprised (and turned on) by what 3D Gay World has to offer.

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