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3D Boyfriends features toon guys who are computer rendered art, often called 3-D art, showing off their cocks and asses or sucking dick and fucking plus some kinkier action. This is a realistic style of cartoons that could easily be mistaken for actual humans at a glance, and most of the guys are hunks with some regular average types in the mix. There are masculine toon men with shaved heads, black studs, rendered art men with long hair, and a variety of erotic art performers with hard cartoon cocks. I didn't find the insanely oversized cocks you usually see in anime sites, but this isn't anime. Still, there are some good-sized dicks and some very muscular toons, as well.

The videos are hardcore guy-on-guy action, and you'll see hot toon asses getting pounded, cartoon dicks slurped and sucked, guys getting bent over and boned, cock riding and some down and dirty action. There's a variety of locations - it seems these toons really get around. When it comes to the pictures, these are single-model galleries showing off their stuff: Dane is portrayed doing martial arts kicks and athletic poses, Tucker shows off his hairy chest and untrimmed pubes. And then there are the two, three and four guy pics, some of which show the guys teasing and touching each other, men putting other men in bondage, some kissing and fucking, and just a few anime pics among the many fully shadowed, 3-D hot and hunky pics.

3D Boyfriends offers 25 video clips in MP4 format. Downloads are available at 640x480, and although the site offers two sizes, both are exactly the same, which is a good size for mobiles. You can also stream the videos at about 1140x855, and while the quality is a bit lower that way, I liked the bigger size. Video quality is pretty good, but these are short clips just a couple seconds each over one minute each, and the motion is more like long animated GIFs then videos. Still, most gay toon sites have even less video, and these are pretty hot. Each video shows either sucking or fucking, but not both.

There are also 168 picture sets in the 3D BOYS section, and this is where the site shows its strengths. Most of the pics are realistic and detailed and the men are muscular, well-built toon hunks. Pics sizes vary - in one set alone I found the smallest picture was sized at 766x790 while the largest was 1300x1532, and the latest pics are sized at 1200x876. Quality is usually good, and you can view the pics in hands-free slideshows, download entire sets in zip files or save individual pics you like, although be sure to rename the zips or pics as you download them so you don't overwrite your previous download. While there are a few galleries with four or five pics, most sets have 16 to 20 and a few have 25.

Full members get access to a collection of bonus videos in the MOVIE THEATER section. None of these are toon videos, but there are just over 1,200 of them, so enough to keep you busy. And they can be sorted by niche, including categories like Gay Studs, Gay Twinks, Gay Asians, Gay Fetish and so on.

Now let's talk about updates. While update dates show that a new video is added every three days, the site has the exact same amount of videos that it did a little over 19 months ago. That's because they're recycling updates; that means they remove existing updates, re-date them with current dates and add them as new updates. On the other hand, while there were some discrepancies with photo updates on our last visit, there are now 84 more pic sets than there were a little over 19 months ago, which averages an update about once a week, and that's what the dates are showing. By the way, the bottoms of the pages are covered with ads including some featuring women.

There are some more issues to be aware of. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page called the "VIP Membership+" that's hard to spot and, if left checked, it will sign you up for two additional recurring memberships when you join this site. Trial memberships limit members to a single streaming video and 10 pic sets till their membership recurs to a full monthly membership. There's a pop-over that appears over the tour and another one that appears when you hit back from the join page. Some tour claims - HD videos and multiple weekly updates - aren't accurate, and the claim of thousands of videos surely doesn't describe the 25 videos the site actually offers, and may refer to the bonus material, but even then that's 1,206 vids, which isn't thousands.

And there are a few more problems. Unchanged from our last visit, the search box gives no results no matter what term I use, probably because there are no descriptions, keywords or tags for the content. The category list is useless since it only has two categories, 3D and 3D Boys, which are pointless since those categories apply to every video and picture set. And one last but important issue is that the toons on the tour that say "Watch full movie" underneath are not from the movies inside the site. I suspect that the pics on the tour, supposedly from videos, could be from the pictures inside the member area, as some of the pictures are wonderfully detailed and of similar quality. The real member area videos are less detailed, the sex is less down and dirty.

3D Boyfriends delivers some sexy toon hunks, daddies and studs in the picture section, many muscular and sporting hairy chests and big, fat cocks. You'll find the guys in the videos are less detailed, but while each video is short, the action is better than I see in a lot of other toon sites and the 25 vids can be downloaded, streamed or watched on your mobiles. While the video section doesn't update, the picture section has doubled in size, now offering 168 picture sets. And then there's 1,206 non-toon bonus videos. While 3D Boyfriends has some issues, I found a lot of the men in the picture section to be hot and muscular; they're among the best and sexiest computer rendered toon guys I've seen.

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