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18 Gay Passport is a porn network that offers you a collection of eight different gay sites all in one membership pass for your convenience. There's a mixture of amateur, twink, jock, hentai, general gay sex and 3D porn all in one. These sites all offer a mix of amateur and pro porn performers from smooth twinks to fairly muscular hunks, average guys and a couple daddies. You'll find well-built jocks, Latinos, skinny guys, some really handsome men, some who definitely aren't handsome, a few beefier guys with a few extra pounds on them and more. There's a European site in the mix, so you can expect a decent amount of uncut cocks, and speaking of cocks, you'll find all sizes and shapes. And one of the sites is a big dick site that delivers some well-hung men.

There's plenty of hardcore action as well as a decent selection of solos. You'll find fucking from doggy style to cock riding, and there are all sorts of guys sucking all sorts of dicks. There are threesomes, outdoor sex, some solo sex toy play, kissing, and of course there are guys shooting their loads all over their bellies, legs or each other. Some guys finger their own asses or a buddy's, there's a little handjob action, rimming and nipple play. And I found some black-on-white interracial scenes, as well. In other words, a little of everything except kink, bears and men over 40.

There are also two gay toon sites. One offers computer-rendered art, which tend to be more realistic than other kinds of toons. There you'll find plenty plenty of muscle hunks, many with big cocks and hairy chests, too - and they're all toons, of course. The other site is your classic hentai gay sex site with big eyed, sometimes blue-haired toon guys getting it on. Some have spiky hair, and they're mostly a mix of toon twinks and bodybuilders.

18 Gay Passport currently offers 1,486 DRM-free videos from eight sites. The videos are offered in MP4 format, some sized as large as 1920x1080 or 1280x720 at good amateur quality plus one or two smaller sizes for mobiles, others are sized at 768x576 at average quality, and they're small enough for most mobiles. Some of the toon videos are sized at 640x480 plus a smaller size, and these are average quality, also. The videos are downloadable, most as full scenes although some of the toon sites offer clips rather than full scenes. The videos are also available to stream, the HD looking good when enlarged to full screen while others don't fare as well.

There are also 3,663 picture sets total, 762 more than on our previous visit twenty months ago. Many of the photos are good amateur quality digital stills, some sized on the small side at about 416x640, many others offered larger at 1067x1600 or 1667x2500. The toon pics are a much wider variety of sizes, most between 563x800 and 1500x1425. All the pic sets are offered as zip files or you can save the individual pics you like, and while there are no slideshows, you can navigate easily from pic to pic using the arrows to the right and left of each picture.

Now let's talk about updates, because there's a lot to explain here. The 1,486 videos is only 37 more than there were 20 months ago. That's because while some of the sites have added some new content, others removed existing content to add again later as recycled updates. To some degree, I believe all the sites in the network recycle updates, but there's so many videos and pic sets that this won't matter to most members.

There are some additional issues you may want to know about. There's a pre-checked offer on the billing page that's listed as an upgrade to the VIP Membership+. In reality this "upgrade" will sign you up for two additional recurring sites that, if left checked and not cancelled, will both rebill at just over $35 per month each. Trial members get limited access to what the site has to offer, and the trial recurs at $10 more than the recurring monthly members. You'll find lots of ads on the page bottoms, including some with women on the, and there's a pop-up on the tour, but I found it easy to close.

The tour has a couple claims I find misleading. First, they say they update daily, but since many of the videos are re-dated older content and the site has barely grown, it depends on how you look at that. And second, it says this on the join page: "Videos are available to download with multiple speed options up to 4.2 Mbit/s, along with 1920 x 1080 px with Full HD resolution". At best, almost half the videos are HD, and not all of those are 1920x1080 - some are smaller. And just over half of the videos are standard definition.

There's one last thing I want to mention - I didn't find that some of the individual sites lived up to their niches. Gay Sex Exposed used to focus on outdoor sex, but now it's mostly just sex - of the past 24 updates, only three have outdoor action. And for the most part, most of the sites including the amateur and twink sites, have content that could easily be swapped as the twink sites have plenty of non-twinks, while the amateur site has about the same percentage of twinks, and every site including Gay Amateurs Club has the same mix of amateurs and porn regulars.

18 Gay Passport does bring you a good-sized collection of gay porn videos alongside some gay toon and 3D porn. There are 1,486 DRM-free, download videos that can be streamed and viewed on your mobiles, and there are also 3,663 photo sets plus the 1,216 bonus videos, definitely enough to keep members busy. And if you haven't been a member of the site before, you won't care that many updates are recycled. While the action is a mix of solo and hardcore action, people expecting a premium site with high-quality HD videos might want to rethink this one because content quality seems to be all over the place. Still, if you're looking for quantity over quality and a variety of horny guys, 18 Gay Passport could be worth a look.

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