Generally a homemade device, for BDSM playing, in which a number of clamp objects are used, held by a string or chain together.



Most often this is where several clothespins are attached to a submissives skin, for a short period of time.

These 'pins' are loosely attached to a cord, string, chain or other similar device.

Various sizes of clamps can be used, to pinch the skin. Then when all have been attached, the Dominant will take the lead or string that binds the clamps, and begin to systematically pull them free, in one continuous motion.

This creates a zipper like sound and effect, adding sharp pain to the submissive, as each clamp is removed.

Noteworthy: This particular 'toy' is cheap to make, easy to get parts for, and creates the desired effect simply. It is all of this, which makes this a popular BDSM sex toy.

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