The Islamic term for adultery, or extra marital sex, as well as premarital sex, between consenting partners, that is punishable, according to the persons status.
Generally a homemade device, for BDSM playing, in which a number of clamp objects are used, held by a string or chain together.
zipper dinner
Slang for a quick jack off or blow job, where only the zipper is undone, and the person ejaculates.
zipper sex
Hurried sex where the clothes are not removed, and only fellatio is done.
zoo number
Several meanings, determined by how it is used, but basically in relations to sex, and animals, either in actuality or in depiction or caricature.
zoo queen
Slang used to denote a gay male who likes animals, either as an animal lover, or sexually.
zoo style
Slang mainly referring to simply hardcore dirty sex, where the amenities aren't followed.