An ugly female, or woman who is obese, or has unattractive features or an unpleasant odour. Has other meanings as well.
A double meaning, where on the one hand it refers to a male who has a rather large penis. On the other hand, it refers to a heterosexual male who is acting in the perceived manner of a gay male, as sort of a warning.
Newly coined slang word, referring to having a sexually transmitted disease.
Just like you would see in a directory listing, Yaoi would be the 'gay' listing. It refers to male on male pairings, in the Hentai or Ero anime section.
Slang reference to the male testes. Associated to a male's testicles, mainly due to the orb like shape of the testicles, hence the popular phrases.
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A double meaning. One in which it refers to having intercourse, where penetration occurs. That is the more popular of the two meanings. Another meaning is in reference to a woman's vagina.
The Hentai category, this would refer to the female on female section of it, or in more Western Civilization terms, the Lesbian section.