A dislike, hatred for things foreign, such as people and cultures. Also a fear of all things foreign, or different, including people who appear or act different.



Comes from the Greek words:

“xenos” which refers/means foreign, stranger.

“phobos” which generally translates into meaning fear.


The more politically correct term to denote a racist.

One who is xenophobic, is one who dislikes intensely or fears greatly, someone simply due to them being foreign or/and different.

This applies to language, culture, as well as skin colors, religion, or anything, that makes them different, in the eyes of the beholder.

Practice (Associated Acts):

A sanitized word, for those who oppose cultural exchanges, or inter mingling of races.

Used at times for those who oppose various Trade Accords, in economic connotation.


The dislike or fear, is not based on actual knowledge of the foreign or different party.

It is based on a perception, that is irrational, without merit.

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