An Arabic term, referring to a man who identifies more with being a female, despite their physical characteristics.



Under Arabic laws, one who is Khanith, (Xanith) they are accepted providing they can provide proof of having being married to a woman, and fulfilled their duties as a man.

That meaning that they consummated the marriage appropriately.

Under that condition, they can freely associate with woman, such as singing with them at a wedding, while traditionally the male would be relegated to playing a musical instrument.

Their dress is between that of a woman and a man, though they also have the benefits of being a male.

That being that they can live alone, walk unattended in public.


Derived from the word Mukhannath (Arabic) meaning one who is effeminate.

In the Arabic language, the word Khuntha refers to intersex persons.


In a homosexual relation, they would be considered the female partner of the relationship.

In Oman, these types can be found as prostitutes for other males, or work as female impersonators.

Practice (Associated Acts):

Mainly a man who believes they identify more with a woman, despite their genitals or outward appearances.

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