x factor
The unknown factor that makes a person attractive, interesting, or/and desirable.
x rated
The category of movies/shows which are considered only for viewing by adults, due to the content showing explicit sexual activity.
An abbreviation to say a person has 'sex appeal'.
Euphemism for someone who keeps their legs closed, to avoid copulation (sex).
An Arabic term, referring to a man who identifies more with being a female, despite their physical characteristics.
Abbreviation to denote someone who is a cross dresser.
The attraction or desire to someone who is foreign, different, or unknown.
A dislike, hatred for things foreign, such as people and cultures. Also a fear of all things foreign, or different, including people who appear or act different.
xerox queen
Gay nickname, for one whose sex life is so predictable, so narrow in focus, that one can't tell one boyfriend from the next.
Basically a Generation X type, who acts or pretends to be more like a Hippie of the 1960's and 1970's.
Mostly an internet term, used to describe pictures (photographs) that are X Rated, in that they contain full nudity or depict sexual activity.
A code abbreviation, to tell a man, in public, that his zipper is down.