An alternative term used in BDSM circles, for a full bodies harness, the is used in various bondage routines, including suspension play. Where the entire body is basically covered by rope, to form a harness.



Bit of an art form, in the vein of Japanese Bondage, where a web of rope is created, to encase the subject.

The goal is to restrict the subjects movement, but make it functional and appealing, visually.

The idea is to incorporate knots that add pressure to various points, such as the genitals, and other parts.

This form of bondage, can be used by itself, as a form of pleasure, or in simply restricting the movement of the subject.

When used with 'suspension play' it is important to insure all knots are well formed, and that slippage will not cause any physical harm or injury.

Properly placed ropes, will conform to the body's contour, and not slip, if they do, then odds are, the rope is improperly placed.

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