Watersports is the term describing sexual play involving urine.



Watersports can be experienced in a number of different ways. Some people like to piss on a partner or be pissed on themselves. Others find sexual pleasure in watching someone urinate. Some into watersports prefer to smell or drink urine, either directly from a partner or from a glass.


Over the last few decades, works of art by artist Robert Mapplethorpe and Andres Serrano depicting urine have been fiercely argued over. Mapplethorpe's erotic photograph of one man urinating into another man's mouth was removed from a museum and considered by some to be too controversial to be art.


There are many kinds of watersports. Some people receive gratification by pissing in their clothing, others find the smell, feel or warmth of urine to be erotic. Watersports is not only the subject of many websites but personal ads searching for someone to share watersorts with are common in dating and personals sites. A controversial photograph by Robert Mapplethorpe showing a Causing someone to urinate on themselves or uninating on them (golden showers) can also be used to humiliate that parson and is sometimes a part of BDSM.

Other meanings

Watersports, or usually water sports, is used to refer to waterskiing, swiming and other aquatic non-sexual activities.

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