A derogatory reference to a male to female transsexual. An implication that the person is odd, in a disparaging manner.
A common word to refer to semen, or cum. Usually used in a phrase such as 'blow my wad' or 'shoot my wad' to infer that a person is going to ejaculate, to cum.
A sexual fetish, where one enjoys things that are wet and messy, in that wet items are applied to their clothes, or skin, and are messy.
Mainly a British term, with more than one definition. Usually refers to a jerk, an idiot, but also can refer to someone who jacks off frequently.
Someone who basically is posing as something he/she isn't. A fan who wishes they could be their idol, usually a super hero type, leader, musician, actor, or porn star.
water of life
A term used in Religious circles, of ancient times, to refer to a male's semen. Other terms were Water of Wisdom, Seed of Life.
water the flowers
One of many terms, to describe a male who will urinate in public, that can include others noticing, or in doing it in private, such as behind bushes, or a tree.
Watersports is the term describing sexual play involving urine.
wax museum
A humorous slang term, to denote a particular bar, where the patrons are mostly older, on the lookout for younger sexual partners.
wax play
The use of hot wax, to inflict pain on a submissive, in BDSM sex play.
waxing the board
Slang term for a person jacking off, as well as for someone who is frequently Internet Message Boards or Forums.
An alternative term used in BDSM circles, for a full bodies harness, the is used in various bondage routines, including suspension play. Where the entire body is basically covered by rope, to form a harness.
When someone reaches down, from behind, to pull another person's underpants up, creating an uncomfortable feeling as it pulls the penis & balls down and up.
wet dreams
Having an orgasm resulting in ejaculation while at sleep.
Euphemism for a person masturbating. Common expression for the art of self ejaculation.
A strength needed sex position, where one holds the legs up, while penetrating the other, who can wind up moving a bit, with each hard thrust.
whipping posts
A rigid device, where a submissive is attached, for the purpose of exposing them, to be whipped, without risk to their limbs and to insure a clear striking surface.
white trash
White trash refers to people of lower economic and social backgrounds.
willy dance
When a man drops his trousers, or pulls his penis out, and gyrates around, so that the penis flops from side to side, or up and down.
gay Wrestling is a sport which involves grasping or holding your opponent while trying to best him physically.
A particular form of male masturbation, using the wrist, rather than the hand or fingers.