Achieving sexual arousal, from the watching of others in an intimate situation, without their knowledge.



Achieving sexual arousal, from the watching of others in an intimate situation, without their knowledge.


From the French word 'voyeur' which means 'one who watches'

Voyeurism is not considered a recent development, though miniature cameras have been in existence since 1880.

Some argue, that details of voyeurism actually are contained within the Bible.


This does not apply to those who gain a sexual arousal, or culmination of their sexual arousal, from viewing nude images, or sex videos, that they choose to view or come across.

Mainly from the act of spying, through use of hidden cameras, peep holes, telephoto lenses, of people in a state of undress, in an intimate moment, either alone or with another, is considered voyeurism.

The key is, the one being watched, is unaware of that fact.

There is no attraction to the person or involvement, other than they are in an intimate situation. It is that, which attracts the voyeur.

Two Way Mirrors are also popular, along with camera phones.

Practice (Associated Acts):

The key is the stealth used, by the voyeur, in satisfying their need to watch.

In some areas, such as South Korea, mobile phones with cameras, must make an audible sound when taking a picture.

This has been in response to Voyeurism.


Part of the thrill, or pleasure, is the risk of being caught.

In many Common Law Countries, the act of voyeurism is not illegal, though there are various stalking laws, and other laws, that can be applied to a caught Voyeur.

Only recently have Countries like Canada and Great Britain added Voyeurism to their Criminal Codes. (2005 and 2004 respectively.)

There is a clear division, between Voyeurism, and the use of hidden cameras, techniques, by Law Enforcement Agencies.

In many instances, this use is regulated, to insure it doesn't cross the line from 'surveillance' to 'voyeurism'.

Voyeurism is a popular plot in many films, and stories.

Many Gyms, Schools, have banned the use of Camera Phones in order to protect the privacy of its patrons, students.

9 States (in the USA) have made Video Voyeurism a sex crime, and some require a convicted 'video voyeur' to register as a sex offender, if convicted.

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