van buren sound
Specialized probe, that is inserted into the penis Urethra, that reaches the bladder.
vanilla and chocolate
Used in the prostitution culture, where the customer desires two prostitutes, where one is white, the other is colored.
vanilla sex
A common term for conventional sex, in which no kink is involved. Generally involved oral sex, and basic intercourse, in heterosexual relations. Homosexuals usually consider it to not include any type of anal penetration.
A person who doesn't have a preference for receiving or giving. One who can enjoy being penetrated, or in penetrating another.
vintage porn
Older porn, porn from prior to the last decade.
violet wands
An electrical device, used to discharge static electricity to a subject's body, such as their upper body through electrodes.
A sexual fetish, in which one fantasizes about (and becomes sexually aroused) by the idea of being eaten, of actually eating another, or just watching such an occurrence.
Achieving sexual arousal, from the watching of others in an intimate situation, without their knowledge.
gay Voyeurs are people who find sexual stimulation by watching other people.