The attraction for urine, for being urinated on, urinating on, or consuming urine.



Where people derive sexual pleasure from urine, whether in having others watch them urinate, or they watch others urinate. It also involves urinating on others, or being urinated on. It can include the actual drinking of the urine.


From vanilla type sex, to BDSM, the degree varies. Most will lay down, while they watch their partner urinate over their prone body. This can be from the head to the feet, and is supposed to give a sexual thrill or excitement.

In BDSM play, the submissive male may be forced to actually drink the urine, or to have the Dominant male urinate into their mouth. It is a form of humiliation, as well as control.

Practice (Associated Acts): The act of urinating in Public, or in Public Places, for some, is sexually thrilling, as well as generally illegal.

Noteworthy: Shirley Manson reportedly discussed how she enjoys urinating in a man's belly button, and has mentioned it in a song. Ashley MacIsaac, noted Canadian violinist, has mentioned how he enjoys being urinated on.

In New Zealand, publishing such information such as in a web page, site, is considered a criminal offence, and can be punished by a sentence of up to Ten Years.

There are potential health risks associated with this type of sexual act.

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