The term "uncut cock" refers to a penis with the foreskin intact, one that has not been circumcised.



Circumcision consists of removing part or all of the foreskin from the penis. A circumcised cock is referred colloquially as a cut cock where an uncircumcised penis is referred to as a cut cock. Some men and women prefer a cut cock and some an uncut cock as a matter of esthetics.


Circumcision has been performed as part of religious rituals in several faiths and cultures for as long as several thousand years. For years it was also quite popular for parents to have their male infants circumcised, and was not only recommended by doctors but was done almost as a matter of routine in the U.S. In the last decade, medical practioners are moving away from recommending circumcision. Many european countries did circumcise their children as a matter of routine as did the U.S. although there are some medical reasons for circumcision including a foreskin that is tight enough to be uncomfortable. Uncircumcised or uncut men are also very popular in the gay community who find a natural intact penis to be very sexually appealing.


A penis with foreskin is often considered to be more sensitive as the glans is protected and does not have to deal with contact and rubbing by clothes. Many men enjoy gently stretching and playing with their own or their partner's foreskin, and one can also run their tongue under a partner's foreskin or suck on it as part of foreplay and sexual stimulation. There is also a sexual act referred to as docking where one man's foresin is pull forward to it extends past the head of his cock and his partner inserts part or all of the head of his cock inside the other man's foreskin.

Other meanings

Uncut can also be used in non-sexual ways to refer to unedited or uncensored movies or music.

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